Pictures of My Grandchildren on Halloween

I am still wanting to have some more fun from Halloween weekend. Now I am back to the nuts and bolts of daily, routine life. I might have a drink or two in order to lift my spirits back to the festivities mood. Hahaha… My daughter took some lovely pictures of my grandchildren on Halloween. We all had fun. This first picture was taken while my daughters were dressing my grandchildren in their costumes for the festivities. They looked nice in their costumes. If you want to see even more pictures, you can click here: More Pictures At My Daughter’s Site.

Next year, I have to remember to bring a costume for myself also. I was just basically dressed as “grandpa.” I rushed out of the house for the weekend with a change of just one shirt. I was a little bit upset that I had to wear the same outfit all weekend. My daughter said that it did not matter because all grandpas dress the same anyway. She said that all of their grandpa outfits look the same no matter what they wear. WOW!!! Is that true? Some pictures:

Prepping for Halloween night.  My granddaughter, Halfa'-Pint.

Prepping for Halloween night. My granddaughter, Halfa’-Pint.

They came back with bags of candy. I ate plenty candy too.

Riding to the trick-or-treat Halloween party.

Riding to the trick-or-treat Halloween party.

The next day we got 4 boats and took the kiddos boating on Lake Yogi.

Boating on the day after.

Boating on the day after.

With the new James Bond movie opening soon, I am reminded of the last 007 feature. Yes, and I still say, Let the SKYFALL. We will stand tall… at SKYFALL. Sometimes! Sometimes there’s gonna’ be days like this. Some people think the sky is crumbling, but that never mattered too much to me.

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My Hunger Strike vs. Hate

The Lord has spoken to me during my #HungerStrike vs. #Hate. I announced on July 27th that I was already 24 hours into my Hunger Strike against Hate. Today I am ‪#‎124hours‬ into my hunger strike now, as of this writing. It got too hard for me to watch many more of these killing videos of unarmed black people by authorities and haters. I cannot stand much more. The American justice system is mucho to blame because most/all of these murderers are going unpunished. The campus security guard in Ohio made bail and is walking the streets. Dang! He shot the unarmed black guy’s face off over the victim not have his driver’s license on him. My opinion: if you murder somebody, you get executed… ‪#‎PERIOD‬! No matter who you are. In the past, executions used to scare many potential murderers from killing. The murder rate used to be much lower. I am striking here versus police and haters killing black people… also vs. mass-murderers, whom it takes years to execute, if ever. The KKK and other hate groups are raising money to defend the murderer who killed 9 black people at the church. Why is that #hater still breathing?

Some breaking news on my ‪#‎HungerStrike‬ vs. ‪#‎Hate‬. I see a chink in the glass. ‪#‎TheLord‬ has spoken to me. Yes, I Have an update. UPDATE: The Lord has spoken to me. Don’t you think the ‪#‎Lord‬ would visit me with me ‪#‎fasting‬ as long as I have? ‪#‎ComeOn‬, think about it! Jesus fasted in the desert for 3 days and 3 nights, and He sure drew some temptations and spiritual revelations upon himself. Satan, the devil, that sneaky snake himself slivered upon the scene. Didn’t Jesus crush his head with his heal? I plan to sit down between today and tomorrow to write down what the Lord said to me during my hunger strike.

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Sodom and Gomorrah

What was the #1 sin that brought down the wrath of God onto Sodom and Gomorrah? #Homosexuality. Genesis Chapter 19 says: “The LORD rained down burning sulfur on Sodom and Gomorrah — from the LORD out of the heavens. Thus he overthrew those cities and the entire plain, including all those living in the cities…”

Read more:

On a different subject, do you really want your lady to be a genius? I know that Sarah Palin has done some boneheaded things, but she makes my heart pitter patter. For real! Me likes her!!

Sarah! Sarah! Sarah! I like Sarah! May I dream about Sarah?

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Movement to Free Flag Hero

NOTE: Many of the drafts that I write here at this site, I then publish at my Delery Gazette once I polish them up.

The black lady who climbed the pole to remove the Carolina Confederate Flag is still in jail in South Carolina, and a movement is growing to have her released from prison. My opinion is that she is a hero for removing the treasonous Rebel flag from the state capitol. Abraham Lincoln has already shown South Carolina what the United States of America thinks about them wanting to secede from the Union. The issue was decided. So, why was this black woman arrested in Carolina for taking down an illegal, rebellious flag?

When I first saw the tweet about the lady being arrested, I could not believe it. The picture showed her climbing that treasonous flag pole.

This is THE flag which should fly in AMERICA.

This is THE flag which should fly in AMERICA.

I posted the below picture from a post that my cousin initiated discussing how Columbus and the Pilgrims were actually illegal aliens in America who stole the land and then enslaved another race. This site might not handle my cousin’s post (which I inserted below the picture) because of privacy settings. However, this picture exemplifies what South Carolina’s Flag represents.

The Rebel flag represents this.

The Rebel flag represents this.

How hypocritical THEY are!! These right-wingers today are blind and cheeky. Plus, they want to wave a treasonous, Confederate flag in everyone’s face.

..NOW paleface in 2015 wants to turn away so-called “illegal aliens.”

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The South Carolina Church Murders

Our prayers go out for all of the victims in the South Carolina church shooting. As the story unfolds, we learn more and more about the evil and hate that the shooter manifested. He sat in the church and prayer meeting for one hour before the murders. The clock has turned back to the 1950’s and 60’s. This massacre is horrible. People need to take heart. What is this country coming to? Plus, I do not see speedy justice here. His trial and appeals will drag on interminably.

Where is the wrath of God? Where is the swift justice? There is no such thing any longer in America. After the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, how many and how swiftly were the perpetrators hanged? Very, very swiftly and all of them were executed. This boy, Dylann Roof, assassinated a State Senator and 9 other black people and is still breathing good air. Will the South Carolina justice system provide swift retribution for the Church victims and for the country? I do not think so at all. This boy will most likely still be breathing and spouting hatred and execrations 50 years from now.

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Ugly Murder in New Orleans

NEW ORLEANS (Gazette) — I cannot remember the last time I was in the lower 9th Ward of New Orleans. I always thought that they were a different species than myself living there. I used to fear having a flat tire in that hell hole which I rarely even drive through any more. Accounting the news from the police blotter on Tuesday, I see now that it takes a much braver person than I to deliver pizza there.

Father of young children killed delivering pizza.

Father of young children killed delivering pizza.

BOSCOVILLE, LA (Ferdie Werdie) — In other events this weekend, I saw a picture posted by Crystal Hefner which caused me to do some reflecting. Seeing Hugh Hefner and his pretty wife, Crystal, together is a beautiful scene. Hefner has very good taste in women, and does himself a fine service by having Crystal by his side. I am guilty of making a silly joke below; but, to be sincere, I think that Hefner has been a man who has always had his feet grounded on a solid foundation. I think that he has an excellent cranial system.

Hugh and Crystal Hefner make a very lovely couple.

Hugh and Crystal Hefner make a very lovely couple.

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I Enjoy This Ride

NEW ORLEANS (Gazette) — I like this ride. I think that you will enjoy it too. It gives me a fresh perspective on our “little” lives here on earth. I think that this view is going viral. I do not understand why more of this is not done. We might learn very much new stuff per the eyes of creatures.

When I was young, I had one like this cooking for me and inhabiting my kitchen. Now, I am old and have to do my own cooking and taking care of my own kitchen. My co-pilot is still in the vicinity, but she does not dress like that anymore.

I had one like this when I was young.

I had one like this when I was young.

President Barack Obama is suggesting that voting in America should become mandatory. Mandatory voting? I do not understand how that could be enforced. I am still outdone and totally question how the mandatory health insurance coverage helps poor people. Now, the extra burden of fines and penalties have been thrown upon the backs of American citizens, with the added enforcement being handed over to the IRS. Making health insurance coverage mandatory has further burdened poor people. Shame on you Obamacare!

With so many rumors going around about Bobbi Kristina Brown, can this latest report be true? Some people are still holding onto hope that Bobbi will come out of the coma.

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