No Vote For Trump

In the presidential election cycle, I was actually weighing the option of possibly voting for Donald Trump for president until he refused to reveal his tax returns. That was a deal breaker for me. He wants to spend every other American’s tax money on a lot of ridiculous stuff, but he does not pay one penny to the IRS. What kind of alternate universe is that?


Yeah, ya’ right!! The good Lord will weigh in.

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Scott Baio was Correct

Scott Baio was correct in his prediction in the presidential election. Recently, he told Whoopi Goldberg so. This morning, I will search Twitter to see if Whoopi responded back to Scott yet. I want to also say here that Scott showed me and all of the other “doubters” that we were wrong about him and Donald Trump. They won the presidency. Meanwhile, I think that three million voters were screwed who put Hillary Clinton over the top in the popular vote. I am one who firmly believes that our process of electing the president needs to be reformed.

By the way, at one point I heard that Trump was going to give Scott a post in the administration. Did Trump give Scott something? I cannot remember.

On a different note, I think that this is an excellent picture of Beyonce.

WOW! Like Elvis Presley said, “I am ALL shook up.” I might write my own song soon about Beyonce.


Beyonce looks so fine here that I am shaking like a “leaf.” I am ALL shook up.

I felt sorry for Hillary Clinton after Donald Trump won the election. I really thought that it was her turn to be president.



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Who Influenced the Election?

@AnnCoulter Tweeted out who really influenced the presidential election in her opinion. She is wrong in her train of thought because she acts like people who disagree with her have no American voting rights. Actually, three million more Americans voted for Hillary Clinton than Donald Trump.


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Power in Praise

Oh that men would praise the LORD for his goodness, and for his wonderful works to the children of men!
Psalm 107:8.

Thank the Lord that it is Christmas time. Hallelujah!! Below you see me and 2 of my granddaughters singing Christmas carols.

I like this picture below of my daughter (left) and two of her good friends. Now-a-days, they call them besties. I do not want to say their names here because they may not want me to say their names for the whole world to see.


Here are my daughter Dominique (left) and 2 of her best friends.

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The Bible Told Me

Serve the LORD with fear, and rejoice with trembling.
Psalm 2:11.

This link below is where I read that fine quote. I use this app online to touch base with the word of the Lord.

Then, I read a crazy comment made to me on Instagram. I just had to reply to this crazy girl and her distorted, Republican logic.

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I Recently Heard

Carl Delery recently said, “I’d like to wish collective HAPPY BIRTHDAYS to all four of my December siblings. Ferd, Peggy, Gail and Alan wishing you all the very best in your advancing age. Take care, and may God bless you with many more.


Carl Delery

Since Carl just now called me an old son-of-a-BLEEP in that statement, I have a story to tell about him in revenge. Ooops! I hate to interrupt my story here, but I just had to say while it is on my mind that I AM TOO IN LOVE WITH THIS GIRL. I love her! I love her!


Now, back to my story! When my brother, Carl, was 19 years-old, we (he and I) had an apartment on Paris Ave. in New Orleans. He and his good friend and workmate, R.L., would occasionally stop at the apartment for lunch or after work and try to jack me up for some spending “change.” In New Orleans, we used to call it “putting someone on a #tip.” Meaning, in school especially, jacking people up and taking their lunch money. R.L lives in Atlanta now and Carl lives in New Jersey; so, my pocket change and myself have been safe from being on a “tip” for many years :)… until recently when Carl texted to me: P.S. Remember that post you wrote about being scared of me? I have been thinking about his text, and sense a little bit of a threat. Of course, you need more context; but taking his text on its own merit leads me to feel something menacing. Unless, he was joking; which I do not think so.

UPDATE/CORRECTION: Carl 100% did not have me on a “tip” when we were young or ever try to put me on #tip. My error! I apologize to Carl for misrepresenting the facts. Sorry, Carl.

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Brad vs. Jolie Question

Inquiring minds want to know. Can we come up with the public’s opinion on this? I am now thinking that I should have given 2 more choices: 1. Neither one is wrong, or 2. Both of them are wrong.


Sexy Jessica Simpson wants to know too.

BREAKING NEWS is now being reported on the custody battle between Angelina and Brad:

I am happy to see that they resolved the custody battle for now.


This is the picture on the tweet.

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