No, no, no! Do not do it. Use your head first. Is the girl in the video making the correct decision?

UPDATE: F/b might have taken the video down because the girl’s injury was too horrific for some viewers.

Now that we learned a lesson by watching that girl in the video, I wanted to show you a video with a resourceful crew.

This was a good scary movie.

In my next article, I will explain some stuff that the guy below said. You will find his words interesting.

I listened to this fight on the radio. There was no “cable” back then.

This was one of my favorite fights.
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Teddy $30M

I have another video that I want to put up also. Plus, I might say something about Donald Trump later. He scrambled up my brain already this morning with something stupid he did.

Hillary is holding a conversation with Lady Gaga. I would like to see a candidate choose Hillary as Vice President.

When I "go live" on Twitter it is mostly strangers who click in. I am scared to "go live" here because here I have friends and relatives, etc. I don't mind crashing and burning in front of strangers. #UPDATE: OK! I "went live" on Twitter. One person who clicked in said that I am cute. So, I am happy now. I will post the video here:

What you have here is a failure to communicate. I am talking about Mitch McConnell and how he is unilaterally stocking the courts and Supreme Court with YES MEN. He is a Confederate with Donald Trump.

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One guy on my job thought that my name was Birdman. He called me Birdman for years which I thought he was saying as a nickname. On different jobs throughout the years, people have called me nicknames or different variations of my name. I always looked at it as affection from my friends. In fact, I have had fabulous nicknames. My grandfather called me Ferdie Werdie since I was a toddler. That nickname has stuck until today.

  • Is this girl skinny?
  • Is this girl fine?
  • Is this girl plump?

Is this girl fine, skinny or plump?

See answer on page 2. Turn page.

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“Sometimes Nothin Can Be A Real Cool Hand!”

What you got here is a failure to communicate,” the captain once said. This video below is an iconic scene in movie history. The guy in the video is a real “cool hand” person; his name is Cool Hand Luke.

In the movie COOL HAND LUKE, Paul Newman elicited one of my favorite mottos about having “a real cool hand.” He was nominated for the 1968 best actor Oscar for his role, but lost to Rod Steiger for the movie IN THE HEAT OF THE NIGHT. Newman won 3 Oscars (1986, 1987, 1994), but COOL HAND LUKE is my personal favorite of his characters.

Valentine’s Day

What did you do for Valentine’s day?

Oh, Lady Justice. The Republicans and haters are abusing you worst than in our country’s whole history. Will any heroes come along to stand tall for justice and righteousness?

Delery Gazette Poll.

Sometimes “nothing” can be a real cool hand. Do you “get it”? Sometimes what is more important is the way you play your hand. I kinda’ like that quote. I am often at social affairs where some of the attendees think that they are so “successful,” so important and above the fray that they are god-like. Meanwhile, little ol’ me might be holding no cards of value (nothing); but I am ultimately the one holding the winning, real cool hand in the end. Now that I explained the cool hand a little bit more, I re-posted the video here.    

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Can you see this video? If not, please click the link to see it.

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The Iowa Primary

This video explains my opinion about the Iowa Democratic primary results.

Click the below link to see an update which I added about the primary. Here it is:

My daughters had a helper backing them when they lived in the dormitory during college.

This is a video of my grandson marching in a Mardi Gras parade 4 years ago.

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What in the world are the Republicans doing to Lady Justice? Oh, my God!

Lady Gaga is a celebrity queen.

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I will explain this video later. It reminds me of an Ann Margaret video that I have.

Debbie Reynolds is lovely and cute in this video.

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I will find an Ann Margaret video that I have which is similar to this one.

I will find an Ann Margaret video that I have which is similar to this one.

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The Three

Can you see the three?

Jesus H. Christ!!! It is Tiopol’s birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Tiopol (r). Have a fantastic day. At ??-yrs-old you are my youngest daughter. ❤❤❤… I am driving, and pulled on the side of the road to text to you my birthday wishes.

Big Chief

This is my War Council.


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