My review of AFTER.LIFE

So, now, stuff is really living in my attic. They were cutting up while I watched the movie AFTER.LIFE. I do not want to expose the end. So, I will go into more depth only after I study the movie further. I think that I understand the end now after I interviewed some people who saw the movie. However, they tell me that there are clues throughout the movie which explain what is happens.

Christina Ricci was extremely lovely throughout the movie. She alone was reason enough for the males of the audience to enjoy it. This may not phase the female audience one way or the other. The movie’s plot gets into gear when Christina wakes up on the slab in a mortuary with the mortician prepping her for her funeral. She thinks that she is still alive. The mortician, Liam Neeson, says that she is not. He tells her that her soul has not yet accepted her death.

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