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See my latest post from my desk, THE RABBIT HOLE … and enjoy! Plus, my earlier post is JOHNSON about how I am “acting” since I got the Johnson&Johnson shot. I have been acting a little bit “whacky” since I got that shot.

Ferdie Werdie is the editor of Delery Gazette, a newsletter about his journey in seeking the voice of the Lord. He is the father of 3 girls and the grandfather of 8 grandchildren.

Also (from earlier), what someone feels in their heart, you do not always know. My granddaughter, Diajelle, made a YouTube video (below) which led me to tears b/c there was much that I did not know was in her heart and soul.

Ferdie is based in New Orleans, Louisiana, and is an author of 3 books which can be found under FERDIE’S BOOKS in menu.

or here: Ferdie’s Books

Two legends!! Jim Brown is the only rusher in NFL history to average over 100 yards per game for his whole career. Muhammad Ali is the only heavyweight boxer to win the heavyweight title three times. Plus, both stood tall and made a difference for civil rights in America.

Two greats!

ASH WEDNESDAY and my ashes.

Me, in church receiving ashes.

Ferdie’s Latest Posts

  • The Rabbit Hole
    I enter here my recent scrolls which I will also publish soon to my Delery Gazette. I will edit these scrolls here. What I post here is unedited. I edit it here to post to the DELERY GAZETTE. Let me know if you have questions. So, My current scrolls from my CAPTAIN’S LOG: 24April 2021, … Continue reading
  • Johnson
    23March2021/Tuesday These are some of my recent Scrolls for my next book… 0016 hrs. >>Took aspirin for a headache. I am wondering if the headache might be a slight side effect from the Covid-19 shot. >>My cat wanders off into the world occasionally then eventually returns to my front door asking for food. A few … Continue reading
  • The Elephant In The Room
    I was created with great reverence, heart-felt interest, and respect to be unique and set apart! The voter-restriction thing in Georgia (and other states) has me very unhappy. Can righteousness stand up and correct this hatred? When did the Lord first make contact with me? #WakanTankan spoke to me while I was still in the … Continue reading
  • My Super Bowl Pick
    One of the interesting match ups for this year’s Super Bowl is Patrick Mahomes vs. Tom Brady. Firstly, I know that everyone is interested in my pick in the game. I am picking Tampa with a final score of 27 to 24. I have not made my pick on my card yet, but that is … Continue reading
  • Me and Women
    Women often say about me, “He’s-a no do the right thing. He’s-a some lousy rat-fink basset.” Question: What would I prefer? A teenie bit of #romance with a pocket full of #money; or hot, committed romance with my money flying out of my pockets. My answer… My answer: As of lately, women aim at costing … Continue reading
  • Joe at the White House
    I flipped to watch LET’S MAKE A DEAL and caught Joe Biden and Jill walking into their home… the #WhiteHouse. Hallelujah and praise God!! I had been avoiding inauguration news all day, and got “tricked” into seeing the most beautiful sight my eyes could behold: yes, President Joe Biden entering the White House. WakanTankan spoke … Continue reading
  • End of Year Notes
    Are my detractors paying rent to live in my head? Hell to the no! Encumbered with frustrations like this I lost my Holiday Spirit; shut the front door. So, I need to read for a few minutes. I feel under stress. Hopefully, a few minutes of reading will relax my nerves. Sitting at my desk … Continue reading
  • That Last Hurricane!
    In Re: to My words about the current state of affairs universally, I firstly posted a picture at the link below for you to relate to before you read my words of concern. I promised some of y’all to explain what is on my mind. My brother asked if cutting my grass was on my … Continue reading
  • Morgus the Magnificent
    Only in New Orleans! I did not know if Morgus the Magnificent is still alive or not. I was a kid when his show premiered in New Orleans. The actor must be a million years old now. I did not know who he was (neither did his own children) b/c he only revealed himself 50 … Continue reading
  • Ferdie’s Desk
    This is Ferdie’s desk where I prepare the stories for the #DeleryGazette. I hold the drafts here until they are ready to #post on the #Gazette. Continue reading
  • Lolita
    My #ex-wife picked me up again this morning to shop on Claiborne Ave. They have been cooking seafood often by my daughter. Lil’ Red occasionally calls me to see if I want to get something at the seafood place too when she goes. They are cooking shrimp stew today by my daughter’s house; the grandkids … Continue reading
  • No!
    No, no, no! Do not do it. Use your head first. Is the girl in the video making the correct decision? UPDATE: F/b might have taken the video down because the girl’s injury was too horrific for some viewers. Now that we learned a lesson by watching that girl in the video, I wanted to … Continue reading

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Joe at the White House

Feb 24, 2020

Here are some words about Joe Biden moving into the White House.

Feb 24, 2020

Ferdie writes the posts to his Delery Gazette from his editor’s desk.