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An example from the past:
SAINTS sack Tom. Brady has unretired.

The picture below is from the afternoon of New Year’s Eve. This is during preparations for the evening’s celebration.

New Year’s Eve

See my latest Delery Gazette writings from my desk. Read THE RABBIT HOLE … and decipher some of my scrolls from my CAPTAIN’S LOG if you can! How deep down the hole can you go; maybe, not very far? Plus, my earlier post is JOHNSON about how I am “acting” since I got the Johnson&Johnson shot. I have been acting a little bit “whacky” since I got that shot.

Ferdie Werdie is the editor of Delery Gazette, a newsletter about his journey in seeking the voice of the Lord. He is the father of 3 girls and the grandfather of 8 grandchildren.

Also (from earlier), what someone feels in their heart, you do not always know. My granddaughter, Diajelle, made a YouTube video (below) which led me to tears b/c there was much that I did not know was in her heart and soul.

Ferdie is based in New Orleans, Louisiana, and is an author of 3 books which can be found under FERDIE’S BOOKS in menu.

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Two legends!! Jim Brown is the only rusher in NFL history to average over 100 yards per game for his whole career. Muhammad Ali is the only heavyweight boxer to win the heavyweight title three times. Plus, both stood tall and made a difference for civil rights in America.

Two greats!

ASH WEDNESDAY and my ashes.

Me, in church receiving ashes.

Ferdie’s Latest Posts

  • A Fun Ride
    I watched this video, and went on a fun ride. The video amazed me. Meanwhile, I also liked this video below of Marilyn Monroe showing just 3 pictures. Her movies and pictures have totally lasted the test of time. She looks as fresh now as when her pictures were taken.
  • Hillary Will Run
    Hillary Clinton will run again for president in 2024 to stop Donald Trump, says Dick Morris. Oh, my God, then Bernie Sanders will run again splitting the Democratic Party just like in 2016. Thousands of Bernie’s voters refused to vote for Hillary in the general election giving the presidency to Trump. https://www.newsmax.com/politics/hillary-clinton-dick-morris-election/2022/07/19/id/1079431/?fbclid=IwAR3fbjfNhHvNwfrAyWnMOin-hoOQBkpJtDXLFISwyVR7cOQQfPvF4_eoh8Q New Orleans Saints … Continue reading
  • Marlon Brando
    by Ferdie Werdie GAZETTE (July 14) – In my opinion, Marlon Brando is one of the great actors in Hollywood history. I always thought that he was of Italian ancestry. No!     I looked him up recently while I was watching A STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE on cable. His ancestry was mostly German, Dutch, English and … Continue reading
  • Benny Hinn
    by Ferdie Delery (GAZETTE) – Pastor Benny Hinn said today that prosperity theology is a lie created to steal people’s money. “Forgive Me For My False Teachings Over The Years,” Western Charlatan Benny Hinn Tells Christians.  A well known Israeli Christian Televangelist, Pastor Benny Hinn in a video today on Facebook has apologized to his … Continue reading
  • Climb Aboard
    New Orleans (July 6) — I do not want to use any off-color words, but I just want to say that QB Jameis Winston is #DaMan, the number one quarterback who is taking us to the Super Bowl. So, kiss our “buttockal area.” Our only problem is that RB Alvin Kamara might be given a … Continue reading
  • Happy July 4th!
    by Ferdie (July 4) — This picture is somewhat mean-spirited. Mrs. Clarence Thomas is a lovely lady. It is her politics and sway on Clarence’s SCOTUS decisions that people do not like. This is a younger picture (below) of Ginni Thomas which shows how lovely she was. I would like to perform my act and … Continue reading
  • Wakan Tanka, the Great Spirit of the Sioux (Wakantanka, Wakataka)
    GAZETTE (July 1) — My stand-up comedy and music career might be over. The Corona virus shut the doors of the coffee house at which I performed for a number of years. When it opened back up (they and Algiers Point Bar where I did some open mic nights) contacted me often to come back … Continue reading
  • Down The Rabbit Hole
    GAZETTE (May 7) — I bet on #10 (Zandon) to win in Saturday’s Kentucky Derby which ran at 5:57pm Central Time on NBC-TV. However, 80-1 longshot Rich Strike beat out Zandon, Epicenter and spoiled my trifecta in which I also had Zandon, Epicenter and my 3rd horse (whom Rich Strike “elbowed” out of my trifecta). … Continue reading
  • Info About My Social Posts
    GAZETTE (July 23, 2022) — I just read one expert’s prediction for the SAINTS’ 2022 season. I disagree and was disappointed with his logic. He said that the SAINTS will go 8-9 this year. He is the expert, but I foresee 12 wins for the WHO DATS. I read the expert’s logic (linked here) with … Continue reading
  • The Rabbit Hole
    I enter here my recent scrolls which I will also publish soon to my Delery Gazette. I will edit these scrolls here. What I post here is unedited. I edit it here to post to the DELERY GAZETTE. Let me know if you have questions. Ooops! Meanwhile, I meant to say two words about her … Continue reading
  • Johnson
    GAZETTE (JULY 10, 2022) — Of course, I knew that Elvis and Priscilla were married at the time that he met Ann Margaret. Elvis’ affair lasted for one year before Priscilla found out and made them break up. I previously said, “I did not know that Ann Margaret and Elvis Presley had a real-life love … Continue reading
  • The Elephant In The Room
    15Apr2022 The refs are stealing the game from the PELICANS. It is hard for me to watch this game with the referees calling the fouls all the way for the Los Angeles Clippers. They are giving the game to the Clippers. Please call a fair game!! https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=389808236485921&id=100063702420961&sfnsn=mo I also copy and pasted a brief paragraph … Continue reading
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