The Rabbit Hole

I enter here my recent scrolls which I will also publish soon to my Delery Gazette. I will edit these scrolls here. What I post here is unedited. I edit it here to post to the DELERY GAZETTE. Let me know if you have questions.

So, My current scrolls from my CAPTAIN’S LOG:

24April 2021, Sat. 1053 hrs. >>I have not egressed the house yet. I found something in the fridge and ate. I want to relax now and watch some TV.

25April2021, Sun. 0426 hrs. >>getting ready to pull out. Meanwhile, I ran across this picture from Ash Wednesday. Dust to dust!

Ash Wednesday, February 17

26April2021, Mon. 0439 hs. >>back pain. Looking for movie. Cole slaw.

1212 hrs. >>Go to the car to get charger in suitcase. While out there the guy cutting the grass across the street waved, and he cut my grass… $25. 1530 hrs. >>I called brother-in-law, Dodo, who asked me about his book. He did not answer. I left a message. >>>Does my car have a GPS that could talk to me?

1805 hrs. >>Full Pink Super Moon tonight.

27April2021, Tues. 0049 hrs. >>Headache. Will take medicine. One-third of the way to my next birthday. >>I am trying to figure out what I wanted to write on the ninja pute. Note: I now forgot which computer is my ninja pute. I will figure it out. 1005 hrs. >>The Fema meal lady texted me at 0909 hrs. Now, I want to turn the TV on to find a good movie. On the ninja pute I wrote a slight intro to the post that I dropped this morning. I was trying to add a picture, but it would not crop. I took it and cropped it on my device and then uploaded it. Voila!

My brother asked me a question about me being a lightweight when it comes to martinis:

Carl also wants to know why I post on social media about my ex-wife::

28April2021, Wed. 0617 hrs. >>Got started on the book. Needing to go to the store. 1143 hrs. >>I am back. I ate too much sugar with my meal. I mixed some vinegar with water and gargled, then drank a couple slugs of the mix. Miracle of miracles! I also took two butl which of course helped. I will take a couple of more slugs, but I am feeling much better now since I pulled the car in the yard. Moving around like that must have been a big help too. I keep taking deep breaths of oxygen to get oxygen all deep inside of my insides.

2204 hrs I fell asleep and missed the beginning of the PELS game. I feel good and rested, however.

29April2021, Thur.

0551 >>time to check the fridge to see what I can have for breakfast. 1124 hrs.>>I have been busy. A good breakfast which I kinda” just pieced together. I got full, and brought the meat outside for the cat. I keep frozen nuggets in my freezer which I take out to microwave. However, I was full on the end.

To continue on with the last post, I got full and brought the meat outside for the cat. >>>I might have to find out why I am getting so many hits from Germany.

1900 >>I have the NFL draft on. No one is on the clock yet. Of course, everyone knows that JACKSONVILLE will draft Trevor Lawrence.

30April2021, Fri.

0337 hrs. >>I will most likely do grits for breakfast. 0756 hrs. >>Now I am waiting on food delivery.

01May2021, Sat.

0401 hrs. >>My ex-wife recently told me that I need to “man-up” and stop playing on Facebook so much. She said that I act like a teenie bopper writing all kinds of dumb stuff on Facebook. So, to solve that issue I figured that I will spend more time writing online in my Delery Gazette newsletter. Stuff about her. I was about to say stuff about her, but I want to live a little while longer. I do not want to tee her off and have her kill me. So, `

02May2021, Sun.

1106 hrs. >>I have issues that I wish that I could talk to somebody about. Instead, I took some medicine which put me to sleep. I had people liking my posts, but now since I have been injecting the scrolls into the post noone is liking them. 2330 hrs. >>I did grits and yang. Now, TV.

03May2021 Mon.

0438 hrs. >>Get newspaper. After effects are still bubbling around in my mind from Saturday. Too ugly! This has me wondering what to do about getting to Tennessee. Oh, this decision is kinda’ hard.

1540 hrs. Writing to Carl. Re-post: my brother Carl said that when it comes to social media he is only on Facebook. I replied to him:

04May2021, Tues.

0337 hrs. >>I have to watch what I say too certain people. They will take it and use it against you.

1426 hrs. >>pulled chk and mt. Balls. Lonzo Ball was weak last night. When you see that someone is stinking up the place you are supposed to pull them out. I do not understand keeping a stinker in there to lose the game for everyone else.

05May2021, Wed.

0619 hrs. >>Today the pumk who runs Facebook will decide on whether to reinstate Donald Jupiter Trump to social media. 1400 hrs. >>Trump is suspended for 6 more months.

06May2021, Thurs.

1250 hrs. >>The Pelicans meet the 76ers on Friday in Philly. If you use it you get it.

09May2021, Sun.

0135 >>It is Mothers’ Day. I want to start the day off with a movie. I had a nice time at Mothers’ Day with my daughter, wife and son-in-law. Then, came home to watch TV.

10May2021, Mon.

0715 hrs. >>I want to find a little something to watch on TV. I do not want to watch TV all morning, but I need a little bit right now to relax. I am full b/c I ate a snack in the middle of the night. I fell back asleep, but that full feeling is still with me. I might do some coffee in the meantime. Terrible weather passed through overnight.

10May2021, Mon.

1059 hrs. This area is under a flood warning until noon. The rain had stopped, but it is picking back up again. So, after I fix some coffee, I will get back to TV. 1513 hrs. >>fired up off of coffee. I need to find a movie to relax for a minute. 1827 hrs. >>Now, waiting on the PELS who play for 1900 hrs. I ate yang and crm.of.chck.

11May2021, Tues.

0205 hrs. >>scoured twitter for a minute. Now, I am tired… bored. 0723 hrs. >>I fell asleep for a few hours. My dream was that Ferrel and I went to the store to get some scotch brite and 240 grit sandpaper. Lil’ Wayne went to the store to get supplies for work on ka battle station for an upcoming battle. Byan was helping to nail up slats as protection. I could not drive a 2 penny nail to completion to save my life.

12May2021, Wed.

0345 hrs. >>fighting the war. Was close to fixing something to eat. >>The 1976 King Kong with Jessica Lange is on. 0602 hrs. >>beef and peas. 1143 hrs. >>The SAIINTS opening day schedule was announced this morning. It is GRREN BAY vs. the SAINTS on Sept. 9.

138 hrs. >>washing some undies. 2332 hrs, >>pulling thumb drive out for a minute.

13May2021, Thu.

1125 hrs. >>I am thinking about breakfast or possibly lunch. Meanwhile, I am in what I call my Twilight Zone.

14May2021, Fri.

0343 hrs. >>My Twilight Zone is the zone that I enter into after I repeatedly scroll through all the channels and find nothing to watch and am not quite in the mood to read a book, >>I want my name to be Jojo, but I do not want to seem to be copying off of Jojo Rabbit. Jojo Zone.

1222 hrs. >>I am in the Jojo Zone, and am worried about some stuff.

15May2021, Sat.

0620 hrs. >>I am about to make my pick for the Preakness. It is at 1750 hrs. on NBC. 0829 hrs. >>Drinking coffee, and ruminating. 1034 hrs. >>Worked on clippers and cut back of hair. I want to buy a manual clipper. 1303 hrs. >>I am slipping into the Bohn Zone.

16May2021, Sun.

0340 hrs. >>The PELS end their season at home vs. the LAKERS. If the PELS beat the LAKERS, LA will be in the PLAY IN scenario. 1203 hrs. >>I am in the Bone Zone.

1402 hrs. >>The Bone Zone is alive and well. >>>Card people for their age, like at a bar. So, why not card people to see if they have had their vaccine shot.

17May2021, Mon.

0500 hrs. >>This morning, watch a brief bit of TV and drink my coffee. Last night the LAKERS and PELS fell just where I wanted them to. The PELS fel right outside of the PLAY IN cluster fork at seed #11. The LAKERS are at the top of the PLAY IN at #7, and play GOLDEN STATE on Tuesday or
Wednesday. 0549 hrs. >>the Drop Zone. Black Void, Sunken Place.

1239 hrs. >>What is the latst? I have been strlling through Twitter, but nothing much yet. Mostly talking about the change of the mask requirement. On FOXNEWS, they are talking about the problems that American ranchers are having with injured and desperate immigrants they are finding on their ranches. My thought is that these rich, white ranchers have thousands of acres of land and millions of dollars. One rancher gave the immigrant some bread and water and drove him to the highway.

1404 hrs. >>The rich, white rancher gave the injured immigrant a loaf of bread and some water and drove him to leave on the side of the highway… for the wolves and wild animals to devour, I guess. Look, it is not the rancher’s place to save the immigrant, but put in the corre ct juxtaposition the ranchers left him alone on the hghway to possibly be eaten by wolves or wid animals to devour. GOD ALMIGHTY.

18May2021, Tue.

0749 hrs. >>I am slipping into the Sunken Place. Maybe, I can grab something quickly to pull myself up. 2332 hrs. >>Boston moves on and is #7 seed.

19May2021, Wed.

0957 hrs. >>King Kong is on again this morning. >>I am slipping into the Sunken Place. 1138 hrs. >>Read. Ed Screin plays Richard “Dick” Best in MIDWAY. 1448 hrs. >>I am doing MIDWAY. >>I had to move my car further in the yard b/c there are some contractors next door putting up some gutters.

20May2021, Thurs.

0605 hrs. >>Pull car out. 0757 hrs. >>Fritter and donuts.

25May2021, Tue.

1508 hrs. >>Still hungry; might open another dinner.

2123 hrs. >>watching the SUNS. The SUNKEN PLACE. The Quiet Place.

26May2021, Wed.

1103 hrs. >>ate del. Dinner. Now, some TV to relax.

27May2021, thu.

0326 hrs. >>The sunken place. What to do about Gatlinburg? The Silent Zone.

1500 >>By the sweat of thou brow. I will look up the passage.

02June2021, Wed.

0609 hrs. >>Back home after the Memorial Day weekend. Nice… ???? >>The Belmont Stakes is coming up this Saturday at 645pm Etime.

03June2021, Thurs.

0135 hrs. >>movie. 1524 hrs. >>outside for crispy treats. 1725 hrs. >>ate.

04June2021, Fri.

0518 hrs. >>Might get dressed for yard work. 0752 hs. >>back from sto.

05June2021, Sat.

0011 hrs. >>Sour stomach is clearing up. 0120 hrs. >>No it is not. >>I am in my Shiite Zone.

0811hr >>I am afraid to eat anything this morning. My stomach was so messed up last night.

2011 hrs. >>I hope to not get sick tonight. 2238 hrs. >>I am dropping into the Sunken Place.


0602 hrs. >>I am in the Shiite Zone. @230p channel 8, Clip(4) v. Dal(5). 1125 hrs. >>Cloud 9. Basketball; about to look for lunch. Happiness is remembering that I have a pound of luncheon meat and a pack of bacon.

06June2021, Sun.

1616 hrs. >>I will DVR 60 Minutes and #STORYofLateNight.

07June2021, Mon.

1422 hrs. >>F*** ’em if they can’t take a joke. Or, If they can’t take a joke, then f*** ’em.

08June2021,m Tue.

1054 hrs. >>I need to watch a movie. 1323 hrs. >>watching MY BABYS DADDY. Then, LET’S MAKE A DEAL. 1723 hts. Liver cheese. 2020 hrs. >>ATL @ Philly.

09June2021, Wed.

1219 hrs. >>Sunken Place. 1629 hrs. >>SHALLOW HAL. 1830 hrs. >>Q and Ron Watkins.

10June2021, Thur.

0323 hrs. >>See morning without TV. 1224 hrs. >>President Biden is coming on at 1230 hrs. He is speaking from England. He is speaking about vaccines right now. >>liver chz, lnch me, hot sausg.

1650 hrs. >>CNN. The man who slapped the French president was sentenced to 4 months in jail with a 14-month suspended sentence. Yng-yng and prk and bns. 2353 hrs. >>Jimmy fallon suck! His announcer keeps interrupting his monologues and “bits” which tees me off. The announcers jokes are corny and pathetic; and Fallon cannot make it through a “bit” with the announcer ruining it.

11June2021, Fri.

0309 hs. >>She-ite Zone. 0549 hrs. >>getting ready to make br3akfast. I lost the bacon. 0827 hrs. >>hot sausage, farina. 1829 hs. >>I am hungry, and will son eat. 2046 rs. >>hot sau, liver cheeze, del diinners.


1121 hrs. >>what to eat? 1648 hrs. >>Still have not eaten.

13June2021, Sun.

1444 hrs. >>milw vs.brooklyn. Now, series is tied 2-2. 1756 hrs. >>I went to the den o take a look at the roof.

14June2021, Mon.

0148 hrs. >>Netanyahu is out. A new government has been formed. Naftali Bennett was voted in as the new Prime Minister of Israel on June 13, 2021, Sunday. 0602 hrs. >>I ate 2 packs of yanyang. 0743 hrs. >>swished. Need to clean carburetor. 1022 hrs. >>I have t find my Kindle. 1705 >>About to raid the icebox. 2234 hrs. >>NOT!!! I fell asleep. Stephen Colbert is back in the studio.

15June2021, Tue.

0027 hs. >>meat balls and red beans. 0514 hrs. >>Woke up, and wanting some TV. >>Need to get out today to buy some envelops. 0921 hrs. >>meat balls, chicken, greens. >>I plugged the Kindle in at 1051 hrs. 1411 hrs. >>soak. 1755 hrs. >>news. Green bag has teefs.

16June2021, Wed.

0438 hrs. >>take a shower. >>Women weaken legs. When I am in training I have to be careful of women weakening my legs.

16June2021, Wed.

1017 hrs. >>move lwnmower into shade.


0756 >>cashews. 1210 hrs. >>discouragement. 1614 hrs, news. Juneteenth passed as a new holiday. Waiting on game to start.

18June2021, Fri.

0423 hrs. >>looking for a movie. 0926 hrs. >>waiting on food delivery. Enjoying a movie. 1333 hrs. te food sat out there 1014 am to 1315pm. 1636 hrs. >>this is Friday, and there is no Trevor Noah on TV, There is Trevor on TV, in reruns. 2122 hrs, >>Philly win to tie series at 3-3. >>repair zone. Might watch a bit of Trevor.

19June2021, Sat.

0419 hrs. >>How can man die better than for the ashes of his fathers and the temples of his gods. 1410 hrs. >>I was looking on TV for LET’S MAKE A DEAL forgetting that today is Saturday. 2141 hrs. >>5 mins. left for either NETS or BUCKS season. I changed the channel at the start of overtime. I could not sit through that torture.

20June2021, Sun.

1230 hrs. >>No Happy Father’s Day wishes from my daughters. >>UPDATE: Tiopol texted at 1459, Dee texted at 1506.

21June2021, Mon.

0133 hrs. >>looking to eat something. >>>Ate ham. 0726 hrs. >>I am interested in donuts this morning. 1512 hrs. >>I bought 4 apple fritter donuts.

22June2021, Tue.

0708 hrs. >>Looking at maybe a liver cheese sandwich. 0844 hrs. beans and hot sausage. 1243 hrs >>watch some tv.

23June2021, wed.

0059 hrs. >>ate some trail mix. 0109 hrs. >>orange slices. 0327 hrs. >>thinking on a sandwich. 0702 hrs. >>liver cheeze. 1142 hrs. >>storm brewing outside. Cannot cut grass. 1637 hrs. >>still watching tv. 2127 hrs. >>Milw vs. Hawks. Sherbert.

24June2021, Thu.

0433 hrs. >>Finding your roots.

25June2021, Fri.

NOTE: I mostly wrote about my meals on this entry. I plan to do better in future posts, but during the pandemic that is mostly what I did along with TV. 0422 hrs. >>working on smothering some pork chops. At 0608 hrs. I ate pork chops and eggs. 1135 hrs. >>ate chicken and sweet potatoes at 1105 hrs. 1802 hrs. >>I ate some trail mix. >>>The Chauvin verdict is 22.5 years.

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These are some of my recent Scrolls for my next book… 0016 hrs. >>Took aspirin for a headache. I am wondering if the headache might be a slight side effect from the Covid-19 shot. >>My cat wanders off into the world occasionally then eventually returns to my front door asking for food. A few minutes ago, he was whining at my front door. I brought out a can of cat food and a bowl of  meat sauce and peas. 0718 hrs. >>Might have to bring the push mower out because the power mower is acting like an ass. >>>I am also struggling with a bug on my phone. >>LAKERS vs. Pelicans @1830 hrs. on TNT. I feel somewhat confident that the PELS will beat LA. 1120 hrs. >>I had finished the last of the delivery dinners. None delivered today because of the weather. I ate 2 bowls of cornflakes.

Here is a younger picture of me in a Clint Eastwood app. I actually appeared in the Henry Fonda movie MY NAME IS NOBODY when I was 23 years old. This is how I looked in the movie. All of the fine, young girls were loudly whistling at me every time I walked across the set. I was picked to have a talking part with Henry Fonda the next day for a scene on a pirogue (cajun boat) in the bayous. My girlfriend turned off the alarm clock the next morning without waking me up. I got to the Jackson Square foot of the river site too late after the boat left. They said that I “missed the boat,” and they fired me on the spot. I grieve that incident to this day. That very moment ended my movie career forever.

Me, as Clint Eastwood as MY NAME IS NOBODY.


0642 hrs. >>I should sign my autograph to memorialize stuff like paintings, my books, my pictures. >>>Those gorilla, hoe bitches! (Long story! Much too long and private to elaborate here). 1602 hrs. >>Tanking… Meanwhile, maybe I will read for a while.


0344 hrs. >>Read, and then find a movie. Looks like on Easter Saturday I will drive to the River Parishes. Had also planned to possibly go to Mandeville Street on Sunday.

1030 hrs. >>I will check to see if the PELS play today.

2000 hrs. >>Lakers v. Philly; then, Fallon. Doc Rivers won a championship with Boston, I think as a player.


0637 hrs. >>JJ Redick and Nicolo Melli are gone to Dallas. Somebody Johnson is coming in the trade to the PELS who could win a play-in spot (9 or 10) to stay alive.

0918 hrs. >>meal delivery and ate.

1135 hrs. >>I say that I landed a crushing blow to the gorilla baboons that I have been alluding to. I was outside when two of the baboons came outside and started making arrangements to correct some of the issues.


0138 hrs. >>The issue with the gorilla hoes has miraculously cleaned up. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Marvelous are your works. And THAT my soul knows full well. >>>Now (revoltingly) the gorilla monkey has flared up, and has been placed on my “shee-ite” species list. Oh yeah! 0746 hrs. >>I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Marvelous are your works. And THAT my soul knows full well. >>Alabama plays tomorrow evening. I will bring in the newspaper to see who plays today. >>>I see that the George Floyd trial will start on Monday. I am not sure that a jury will convict a police officer. These ugly days of violence have become more numerous since Trump won  the presidency. >>I find it strange that the authors from older books like in the early 1800’s and such use such large words. Were they using a thesaurus or something? Using smaller words would definitely suffice.


0942 hrs. >>It is coffee time. I might have to make a pot. >>UPDATE: Who would have guessed what the rest of the day held. I helped my ex-wife take a flat tire off of her car, brought her to get a new tire, pulled the bad battery off my daughter’s car, went to get a new one, went to eat po’ boys with my ex-wife. It was a long day. I felt like I got a lot accomplished.


0340 hrs. >>White beans and turkey necks for breakfast. I call it the breakfast of champions. 1119 hrs. >>I will sign off for a minute to pay the newspaper bill. This morning, I have been relaxing watching THE CALL OF THE WILD, and waiting on the SWEET SIXTEEN to continue. My bracket is pretty much busted already. What is a timber wolf?


1411 hrs >>GOOD GOD ALMIGHTY! I am gong to get the white beans out of the freezer, and eat them. Right now all I can do other than that is try to fit the can in the closet.


1459 >>I’ve been dealing with coffee today. I bought a store brand coffee which I tried yesterday. Today, I made another pot of coffee with my usual Cafe du Monde coffee with chickory. In a cup, I mixed in the last of the store bought with the fresh Cafe du Monde. I am enjoying it.

1609 hrs. >>Who knows what will the situation be at 1730 hrs. On a notepad I will note some of the things that I could possible do until then. 1801 hrs. >>Basketball for a minute.

02April2021, Good Fri.

0644 hrs. >>It is cold. I might bundle up for a while. Maybe I can find a good movie. 1110 hrs. >>Get another envelope to save the latest Scrolls in. >>>I did some cutting on the hair and the beard. 1711 hrs. >>I am waiting on the next point of meal time. I will get out a valise and put a change of under things for the trip to the River Road. Right now, I will do some eggs to kill some time until meal time.

03April2021, Holy Sat.

0300 hrs. >>I have my heater on medium. Yesterday it got surprisingly cold over here. I keep thinking that we are finished with the cold weather this season, and the cold weather comes right back.

0854 hrs. >>pants and socks.

04April2021, Sundaty

0542 hrs. >>It is Easter Sunday. UPDATE: Oh. What a lovely day I had for Easter. I am “kinda” feeling like I am glowing on the inside. EXCELLENT DAY! Most likely, by tomorrow, I will again be mad with the world and most of its inhabitants. I will probably take out my “shee-ite list” and start adding new names to it. In fact, I am starting to get mad right now.

05April2021, Mon.

1221 hrs. Looking at modular homes.

06April2021, Tuesday

Coffee. Figuring on tire. Figuring on commodities. Peripherally cleaning out the trunk.

1404 >>Commodities, wheel, BK. 

07April2021, Wed.

0728 hrs. >>Looking for the salmon which I plan to cook. What an excellent string of victories on yesterday! Now, what is today looking like?

1221 hrs. >>Looking grim.

08April2021, Thu. 

1625 hrs. >>Looking for a movie. Then, news.

08April2021, Thurs.

1631 hrs. >>What is on TV tonight? The news is about to come on.

09April2021, Fri.

0858 hrs. >>The PELICANS play tonight. They have been losing. 1027 hrs. fish, peas. 1240 hrs. >>Is it time to eat again? I did burrito and peas. I hope to go to the grocery in the morning. I will start making a list this evening.

12April2021, Mon.

1925 hrs. >>I am waiting on the PELS to come on at 2000 hrs. I am hoping for a win. This has been a very boring day. I will start pulling my car out daily in order to have productive days. >>>I played the piano for a minute.

13April2021, Tues.

2139 hrs. >>It rained most of the day today. I am getting ready to get into… Oooopps, I forgot what I got into. 

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The Elephant In The Room

I was created with great reverence, heart-felt interest, and respect to be unique and set apart!

I praise the Lord!

The voter-restriction thing in Georgia (and other states) has me very unhappy. Can righteousness stand up and correct this hatred?

Oh, My God…

When did the Lord first make contact with me?

Scrolls From My Desk:

February 1, 2021

0206 hrs. I think that I am regulated out of some lives, and treated like a bum. Nobody loves me! BOO-HOO!! >>Today I will try to find a few of the things on my TO-FIND list. 0434 hrs. >>Who said that it was going to be cold today? Earlier, I was asking to hear the voice of the Lord; and I heard in my mind’s ear that the Lord sometimes speaks in sign language. 0558 hrs. >>I need two charger lines for my cell phones. Other than that, I see myself taking a break to watch some TV.

1137 hrs. >>Pancake and eggs. 

2Feb21, Tues.

0246 hrs. >>It is cold. I thought that we were finished with the cold weather. Subsequently, I heard on the weather report that we are going to be cold until Wednesday or Thursday. I am presently eating dried-fruit and nuts mix (0315 – 0332 hrs.). I heard that Anti Vaxxers inhabit a large percent.

0632 hrs. >>I have to find the directions for the egg machine. >>>In the NBA, I like Brooklyn, Philedephia, Boston, Milwaukee, the Clippers, Golden State. I do not like the Lakers, and I semi-dislike the Pelicans. I want to find some weenies. >>No weenies, but I fried some smoke sausage.

1020 hrs. >>I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made. My mind is still on finding the black pouch.

February 4, 2021

1527 hrs. I had a very eventlful day yesterday. I will talk about some of it later. I am about to read a little bit in the OREGON TRAIL book. 1818 hrs. >>waiting on a game to come on. 

Native girl.

February 5, 2021

1110 hrs. >>I finished 4 pancakes. There is fine fishing in Lafitte or there abouts.

February 7, 2021

1101 hrs. >>Ate breakfast. Kinda’ chilly. Find recent letters. 

February 9, 2021

0143 hrs. >>Long day. Need to check on next time to eat. 

1243 hrs. >>Pork chop, beans.

February 10, 2021 1047 hrs. >>sausage and pancakes.

February 15, 2021 0519 hrs. >>I am trying to remember who was in the movie that I recently saw? Cliff Robertson, Rod Taylor, Dale Robertson, Robert Culp, Jane Fonda?

A peek at March 24, Wed.

Reggie Miller called the LAKERSvs.Pelicans game last night which the Lakers #couldaWouldaShoulda won if Lebron were uninjured. Miller spoke condescendingly about ZION and the #PELS the entire game. The PELS won 128 to 111, but Miller said some very disparaging stuff about Zion Williamson every chance he could. LeBron and Anthony Davis were #out injured for L.A., but Lonzo and Redick are out injured for the PELS. So, SHUT UP #ReggieMiller!!

18March21, Thurs.

0706 hrs. Looking at peanut butter issue. 0827 hrs. I ate some crackers and peanut butter. It is kinda’ cool. The hoe next door is bucking up like a gorilla. What kind of neighbors are these. >>However, on another note… Halleluiah! My Pink card and Covid Vaccine card are alive and well. 1120 hrs. >>>Then, back to my neighborhood… That gorilla bitch!

March 19, Fri.

0424 hrs. Stuffed catfish last night. >>> Then… That gorilla, baboon hoe needs to be squashed. The gorilla, baboon hoe needs to get her act straight. I am dealing with a particular ignorant savage right now in my neighborhood. As soon as I find me a clothes pin, I will move the watermelon flavor. >>I found the Covid card in the travel bag for my phone chargers. 1148 hrs. I woke up from a dream which had my manager asking me to build a tent at the end of the dream. 1311 hrs. >>beef burger, chicken and corn bread. I am waiting to see when LSU  plays. Next… Donald.Trump is up to his old tricks:

20March2021 1254 hrs. >>I woke up with my heart hurting. The gorilla hoes. What is the problem with those animal bitches. 

20March/Sat. 0135 hrs.. >>Also, the elephant in the room is that it is March 20… THE TWO WEEKS, hallluiah!! I need to let that sink in. 0439 hrs. >>Whooo-eee! Beef burger, peas, cornbread, peanut butter/syrup. Now, do the bracket for a minute. Gorilla hoes!! 0859 hrs. Eat. Print page #1. LSU noon, BAMA 1430. 

1850 hrs. >>Look for a movie, relax for a minute.


0506 hrs. >>Stewing about the gorilla hoes situation. 1333 hrs. >>When are those gorilla hoes going to drop dead?


1052 hrs. >>Those gorilla hoe bitches. Meanwhile, LSU plays for 1810 hrs. vs. MICHIGAN on CBS. I might take sheet #1 and put it into FerdieWerdie.

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My Super Bowl Pick

One of the interesting match ups for this year’s Super Bowl is Patrick Mahomes vs. Tom Brady. Firstly, I know that everyone is interested in my pick in the game. I am picking Tampa with a final score of 27 to 24. I have not made my pick on my card yet, but that is what I like. I am also looking at three local St. Augustine High School/ or Catholic High School, LSU boys in the game in particular. Two are the Honey Badger (Tyrann Mathieu) and Clyde Edwards-Helaire for Kansas City. The other is Leonard Fournette of Tampa Bay. I counted 3 other LSU boys and 1 Tulane boy whom I might mention later.

Meanwhile, I might say more. However, I want to get something on the air waves before the Super Bowl. This Sunday at 5:30 pm Central Time, I will be seated in front of my TV with rings on my fingers and bells on my toes.

Television shows.

Oh, wow! This (below) is Ferdie, me, as #JackSparrow. In real life, I truly do have ancestors who were real Pirates of the Caribbean. I traced Jean Lafitte as possibly one of them, or thereabouts.

Donald Trump must now turn over his tax and financial records to N.Y. prosecutors, according to a Supreme Court ruling.

I surely hope that Donald Trump starts a new party. However, like they say, BE CAREFUL OF WHAT YOU WISH FOR!

Basketball Rules

Time outs from regulation play do not carry over into the overtime. 4.1 Back Court: Teams will have ten seconds to cross the half court line. Once the ball has been established across the half court line (both feet and the ball), it is a violation to cross back over into the back court.

Zion is in!,over%20into%20the%20back%20court.

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Me and Women

Women often say about me, “He’s-a no do the right thing. He’s-a some lousy rat-fink basset.”
Question: What would I prefer? A teenie bit of #romance with a pocket full of #money; or hot, committed romance with my money flying out of my pockets. My answer…

Women often say about me, “He’s-a no do the right thing. He’s-a the lousy rat-fink basset.”
Question: What would I prefer? A teenie bit of #romance, and a pocket full of #money; or hot romance, and my money flying out of my pockets. My answer…

Me and women.

My answer: As of lately, women aim at costing me too much money. I enjoy waking up every morning, going online to check out my bank balance and relaxing with a pocket full of money bulging in my pants. Romance and love were costing me too much money. I like my money to stay……I like my money to stay right where it belongs. I “runs” (as the natives say) with a woman or two. However, it is like the RUMBLE IN THE JUNGLE trying to get me to treat them to much more than a two-piece of Popeyes chicken and a roll.

HELL TO THE NO!! The RAMS traded Jared Goff to DETROIT for Matthew Stafford. This makes no sense to me. I have to study this move… and the SAINTS keep Taysom Hill. That should have been the trade, Taysom for Stafford.


For some reason I like the picture below. I believe it is good for my health.

Oh God!
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Joe at the White House

I flipped to watch LET’S MAKE A DEAL and caught Joe Biden and Jill walking into their home… the #WhiteHouse. Hallelujah and praise God!! I had been avoiding inauguration news all day, and got “tricked” into seeing the most beautiful sight my eyes could behold: yes, President Joe Biden entering the White House.

President Biden is seen walking into the White House.

WakanTankan spoke to me while I was still in the #womb in the ambiotic fluid. I have little or no Native Indian blood in me. However, Wakan Tankan said, “If you have faith as a grain of mustard seed, nothing shall be impossible unto you!” Did you know that a grain of mustard seed is the smallest seed ever. “Wakan Takan, I am full of fear re: taking on such a dangerous mission as what You asked,” I replied. “By the way, what is my mission again”?

What I told Wakan Tankan was…

I present here my writings and thoughts from my desk on inauguration day and the day after.

January 20, 2021

0428 hrs. There are 2 NBA games of interest for me tonight; Philly and Phoenix. I may fall asleep until after the inauguration solving my worries about seeing violence from the deplorable insurrectionists. Meanwhile, I will watch other TV. I am watching the THROUGH THE DECADES channel presently. >>I fell asleep watching TV, and woke up to see a tweet of Donald Trump climbing in a helicopter to fly away.

1300 hrs. Trump is gone. I fell asleep watching TV, and woke up to see a tweet of Trump leaving the White House in a helicopter… for good. HALLELUIAH!!!

President Joe Biden and Jill at Inauguration.

1455 hrs. >>I flipped to see LET’S MAKE A DEAL, and caught the live film of Joe and Jill Biden entering the White House as their new home. Good gracious..

January 21, 2021

A Note from yesterday: Two planes circled the skies near Mar-a-Lago on Sunday, each pulling behind it a banner with rather uncongenial greetings. TRUMP WORST PRESIDENT EVER,” read one banner; the other reading, “TRUMP YOU PATHETIC LOSER GO BACK TO MOSCOW.”

0048 hrs. I am watching the replay of the James Cordan Show. Just ate, and happy about the new administration. I am ready for some TV.

0441 hrs. I wake up on the day after the inauguration, and feel so excellent. There is no crazy man at the switch. 0603 hrs. >>I figured out how to move some pictures because my phone is overloaded. One option: Save them originally to “saved emails” folder, and then to an external disc. Walgreens might carry the charger wire that I need for faster transfers.

Picture of the ex.

Below is pictured my favorite blacklight poster when I was in college. I hung it up in my dormitory rooms and my first few apartments.

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End of Year Notes

Are my detractors paying rent to live in my head? Hell to the no! Encumbered with frustrations like this I lost my Holiday Spirit; shut the front door. So, I need to read for a few minutes. I feel under stress. Hopefully, a few minutes of reading will relax my nerves.

Sitting at my desk in December to write in my DELERY GAZETTE has been a stretch. Here, below, is the “rough draft”-type of material that has been flowing off of my typewriter. I do not know how far into this you will be able to get. Possibly boring?… maybe. Anyway, this is what is on my desk so far for my next GAZETTE edition. Be aware, it is wholly, wholly not close to ready.

My prayer to the Lord!

Decemer ?, 2020 at 1548 hrs.

1548 hrs. >>Coffee?… for digestive tract. I will watch a few minutes of a movie. Then, hopefully I can clear out my intestines a bit. If you notice, coffee plays a big part of my day. While drinking my cup of coffee, I often receive ideas about how to proceed with my day.

December 19, 2020

0710 hrs.

Coffee! That is the word that came to my mind again. Go figure! So, I prepared a pot. That should toughen me up.

December 19, 2020

0719 hrs.

I am about to start baking a cake. Firstly, I have to find a bowl. Oops! 0938 hrs. >>I found some food in my fridge. I ate fish, burritos, veggies and rice. I am about to open my mail and read to prepare my metabolism for the adventures of the day. What am I looking forward to? Football!! It is too cold to cut the grass. I will wait for a warmer day. Whew! The words are coming more slowly than when I was younger. I am thinking presently that I will write down what games are coming on at what time.

0853 hrs.

Looks like I have to make another pot of coffee. I enjoyed that last cup very much. Also, I might drop several pairs of jeans in the washer. 1037 hrs. >> I ate some oatmeal, drank some coffee and am now preparing for football watching. The fatted calf.

December 23, 2020

1045 hrs>> Movie. Doris Day, Gordon McCrae about soldier and love. I truly need to write something into my GAZETTE. Then, eat.

December 26, 2020

CHRISTMAS IS OVER. It was a beautiful day. 1123 hrs. >>I am drinking my coffee. The Bucs are coming on at noon. I take my meds at 1319. I opened the bible to Psalm 139:14>>”I will praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Marvelous are your works. I know that full well.”

I will praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Marvelous are your works. And that my soul knows full well.

2338 hrs. Your works are wonderful And that my soul knows full well. I am about to heat up some gumbo. Finito the gumbo. My next meal might be a diet shake. I will slow down for a minute in order for my thoughts to catch up with my mind. This Onedrive cloud thing is messing me up right now.

December 27, 2020

0212 hrs. Order the book, order the ink. What I find dumb (particularly ref:to N.O. SAINTS coach Sean Payton) is going for 2 pts. too early in the game. It does not make sense to me. Moving on, how is my Sunday planned? Football early.

December 28, 2020

1308 hrs. I am on a mission this afternoon, and I am studying some of the particulars.

1335 hrs. I printed up page 1. Now, I have to move my coffee out of the kitchen to my desk. Oh, to get back to my Sunday: steak, gumbo, happiness. I told my daughter, “Gracias, hija”!!… for inviting me over for my birthday.

1909 hrs. >>I am getting ready to watch some football. I feel the weather getting a little bit cooler. I will put on a hat, and put the heater on medium. I ate a meal with my stomach now cramping up a little bit. I am feeling stress. I am contemplating here on lying down for a brief moment. >>>What happened to the Mardi Gras story?

December 29, 2020

0017 hrs.

I am trying to find some good TV to watch. I need to relax for a few minutes. Also, I want to see when the N.O. PELICANS play next. They are currently 2-1.

0726 hrs.>> Alright! I am doing my coffee right now. I will find the Frederick Douglas book and read for a little while. Also, I want to check the news on the Internet. I do not do cable news too much these days because I am sick of the attention paid to loser Donald Trump. He lost the election. I remember the great Green Bay Super Bowl victories from the old days. I cannot tell you who the losing teams were. Oh, by the way, I will look in the fridge and scrape up breakfast.

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That Last Hurricane!

In Re: to My words about the current state of affairs universally, I firstly posted a picture at the link below for you to relate to before you read my words of concern. I promised some of y’all to explain what is on my mind. My brother asked if cutting my grass was on my mind. Too funny! When you decide to see the picture at the link, I do not know if the link below will manifest the picture here because you might have to click the link to see it.

I said last season at this link that I had given up on the #PELICANS, but I see the new coach is playing Zion Williamson much more wisely this season. I might give them #ONE_MORE_CHANCE. Meanwhile, I am not mad with the new coaching system. Plus, universally I am feeling some displeasures with the way the world is turning relative to the news scene.


All of that ugly news had my head spinning. Sometimes, I have to say something about the air waves beatimg our brains out.

To explain a little bit about the Delery Media Group: Based in New Orleans, the Delery Media Group believes that even the voices crying in the wilderness count for big things in the eyes of the Lord. God is not a respecter of persons. Acts 10:35: “…in every nation he that fears God, and works righteousness, is accepted with God.” Yahweh is the Lord of all.

I recently read some local New Orleans history which I found to be very interesting:

Mayor Victor H. Schiro of N’wlins!

Pray for Jeffrey Toobin…

He looks very sad!

GEAUX SAINTS!! You are our big ray of hope. You are currently the top seed in the NFC.

The cleanup after the hurricane is bringing many people down too.

Cleanup and recovery.
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Morgus the Magnificent

Only in New Orleans! I did not know if Morgus the Magnificent is still alive or not. I was a kid when his show premiered in New Orleans. The actor must be a million years old now. I did not know who he was (neither did his own children) b/c he only revealed himself 50 years after the premiere. I thought that he was a local TV newscaster; but he was a local DJ on WWL-AM radio. Anyway, Morgus found the COVID-19 cure. It is 100% crawfish boil. Hahaha… Well, I am safe b/c 99% of my blood is pure crawfish boil.

The Marguso crack research team has just revealed that the New Orleans genius scientist Morgus The Magnificent’s top experimental guinea pig Chopsley is actually Donald Trump. After years of experimentation Morgus got it almost right but needed a few more minor adjustments. Surprisingly Chopsley (Donald Trump) was able to fool most uneducated voters and become president of the United States 🇺🇸

My #ex-wife picked me up again this morning to shop on Claiborne Ave. They have been cooking seafood often by my daughter. Lil’ Red occasionally calls me to see if I want to get something at the seafood place too when she goes. They are cooking shrimp stew today by my daughter’s house; the grandkids love it. I bought a medium shrimp po’ boy (yes, that is the medium) and a shrimp and broccoli plate for my lonely house. Last time, the gumbo was too peppery for me. I used to eat often by the grandkids; but my daughter, Kiana, is mad with me now. I guess I spoiled her too much as a child. I am banned and exiled from her house. So, I eat okay at my own house… not the same though.

Shrimp Po’Boy

Women often say about me, “He’s-a no do the right thing. He’s-a some lousy rat-fink basset.”
Question: What would I prefer? A teenie weenie bit of romance with a pocket full of money; or hot romance and my money flying out of my pockets. My answer: (see at Twitter)…

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Ferdie’s Desk

See the index (on the right) for the list of my articles; or for smaller screens like cell phones or smaller platforms find the index (or the “Full Site” link) at the very bottom.

Happy Holidays! I wrote recently from my desk about the current state of affairs in my mind. Click to read it. I entitled it THAT LAST HURRICANE which is on my mind too. I have more to say, however I am a little bit tired tonight. Maybe, I will write more tomorrow.

I will praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Marvelous are your works. And that my soul knows full well. Psalms 139:14

Shown below is the playoff bracket for Super Bowl weekend in my YAHOO fantasy football league.

Here, from my desk at the Delery Gazette, I prepare my articles and stories for the GAZETTE. *See the list of my articles on the right… or (if not seen here) click “View Full Site” found near the bottom. My ideas and thoughts originate here at my desk for the articles that I publish to the GAZETTE. The original drafts and final stories can be read here. You can see my latest post at the top of the list. See my explanation of 2 Heads (which I tweeted on Twitter) at this link: Two Heads Are Better Than One —->

Plus: *From the list of my stories, I will incorporate some of those writings into my next book. Below, for your interest I have written briefly about the themes of my other books. So, a BON VOYAGE!! is what I wish to you if you decide to venture into the pages of any of my books.
*NOTE: I listed my stories on the right… which list sometimes tends to appear in “view full site.” Thus, if you do not see the list, please click (usually at the bottom) “View Full Site” since your cell phone or smaller screens might condense the view for convenience.

From: Ferdie. See my books!


by Ferdie J Werdie
Price: $9.95

Format: Paperback
Size: 5 x 8 Pages: 117 Info: Romantic Mystery Publication Date: Mar-2002

Ferdie Werdie

P.O. Box 26862
New Orleans, La. 70186-6862
United States

tiopol & kiana’s chat room

click pic(teep&dom) for chat room
see if we’re in (talk about the pic)
that’s a pic of Tiopol on right

..AND, AGAIN!…Ferdie’s’s book,
..for God; and for the women!
Maybe,…even have a revelation.

Click here to buy
Purchase Info!


In other news,

HERE is another imprtnt

Bless the Lord, Oh my soul; and, all that is within me,
bless His holy name.
Also, bless me a lot,
my Lord; AND please
enlarge my territory.
Thank you, my Lord!

Remember, Ferdie’s other book. Experience a mental awakening when you enter the TERROR SCROLLS!

Please buy the book! Click BUY NOW to purchase online.

Click here to see it at a bookstore! Purchase Info from a bookstore!

Ferdie says... DearFlock: Here is a prophecy! I cannot remember the exact date that I proclaimed this prophecy. However, I said: God will manifest himself to us boldly ..very soon. The “world” will go into a state of shock over how magnificent His glory is. Across the earth, waves of fear will erupt because the Lord will begin to exact spiritual justice (His justice). Human beings will be surprised at whom the almighty Father will lift up in majesty (not at all whom you would think). There is a word coming to us from the Lord that: A flame is being lit by God’s spirit in the hearts of many brothers in Christ in preparation for the glorious days that are now immanent (as in immanency). God’s children are being nourished with: the knowledge of what is to come, the sublime words that have been prophesied throughout the scriptures. The Holy Spirit has lit this flame which will burn across God’s kingdom… P.S. Brother Carl Delery, Sr., of New Jersey has contacted us about a revelation from the Lord that he witnessed in church on Ash Wednesday. We will write about his visitation. The Gazette will try to reveal Carl’s experience (once we get more info). Carl, Sr., may actually have heard God’s voice speaking to him. I welcome my flock to email Rev. Ferdinand if there is a special request that you want us to put on the altar of the Lord. LINK TO THE DELERY GAZETTE:

…(click here) GOD’s VOICE per the GAZETTE!
For many years I have believed that Jesus was sent to do his work when he did because there were no electronic
recording methods at the time. Jesus’ spiritual message (I have always believed) was so potent and much more spi-
ritual because no electronic devices existed that could have recorded him. Here’s an example:
Have you ever wondered how Jesus looked?
The shroud of Turin (is the only physical image that was left for history (and that is his blood). If the message that Jesus taught is spiritual then photographs,
films, audio tapes, etc. seem to be the opposite of how he wanted it passed. Think of the miracle that it was, in
and of itself, that Jesus’ word has lived. His word is the greatest recorded message in the history of the world. Yet,
it is just as alive and vibrant as it was when it flowed off of Jesus’ tongue. That is why I think the Lord did his work before the advent of modern recording devices.
Alan Delery of New Orleans is a kingpin in the memorialization of the legacy of our mom and dad, Mr. & Mrs. Ferdinand Delery, Jr. Gail Sabathia is
instrumental in mom’s welfare. Joan Pappion organizes lil’ Ferdie’s birthday every Dec. and works to keep solid the unity of the family. Peggy Pospisil and Karen Delery are powerful intercessors between the fmly and the Lord.
NOTE: ALAN Delery keeps our flock fed spiritually on a weekly basis with Sunday church.
Dominique and Vaughn Baptiste have three lovely children all in school. Tiopol and Ryan Guillary have 2 beautiful
angels. Kiana and Dwayne have 3 vibrant daughters who (including the other five listed above) bring joy to pawpaw’s heart.


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