About Ferdie

I was born in New Orleans. One day, I soon noticed the fine, sexy girls; and I have been mesmerized by the sweeter, gentler sex ever since. Now that for many years they have tried taking me for everything I own, I try to spend more time watching sports. The less time I spend spinning my wheels with the money-grubbing female gender, and the more time I spend watching sports, means: the more money that remains in my wallet.

The End!

P.S. I graduated from the University of New Orleans in Political Science/Pre-Law & Journalism. While in law school, I got married and had to “temporarily” take a break from my law studies in order to work so that I could feed my wife. Once I started working and got married it became a 24-7 ordeal. Then I remarried (yes, the first wife left me holding the bag). The second time around, the good Lord blessed me with 3 beautiful daughters; and, yes, another wonderful wife (who left me also). I am a lonely, broken man ..LOL. hahaha. J/K, don’t you believe that! Now, my daughters are grown and married with lovely careers. I have 8 gorgeous grandchildren. Yes, I feel “over-the-hill”; but I am not cold and in the ground yet.

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