Peripherally Speaking! Ha-ha…


On Monday morning, I had an important assignment to accomplish. I asked you, my readers, to keep me in your prayers. If anyone did seek the Lord’s ears with my concerns on Monday then your prayers were answered. Today I ask that if any of the Lord’s words reach your ears please pass on those words to us (my readers and me). I am praying today that some special words from God reach my (and your) ears. I pray and seek God’s voice today. Please, let some special, powerful words from the Lord reach my ears (or your ears) in a magnificent/bold way?

This is what I said on Monday:

New Orleans-July 9, 2012 — I have been assigned a truly, truly touchy mission this morning! Keep me in your prayers as I disappear into the early morning fog. I will say more once this job is stamped as MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! Ha-ha…

I am back on the scene with the welfare of mankind in the balance. I am in hot action ..Yes, finally. Again! I have to vacate the Bat Cave early this morning. I am checking F/B only peripherally right now. Ha-ha ..ya’ didn’t know I knew “them” big words. Then, I have to “vamoose the scene.”

It is important that I stay focused and within the Rules of Engagement in order to accomplish this important mission correctly. I plan to say more, but time is of the essence. I am putting on my Bat Cape presently, and swooping off into the fresh morning air. Further notification will come later, hopefully.

Now it is about 5 pm: MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! I am back in the Bat Cave resting up happily. Job well done. I have once again saved mankind. Without all of the fanfare, balloons and whistles I put the welfare of mankind in my own little, ol’ hands and saved the day. Details will follow; but for now I am basking in the glow!

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Please click "Follow" to Subscribe/Follow my posts in order to receive an e-mail notice when I post new articles. Plus, I will write stuff that you suggest or like. What I am doing with the posts on my FerdieWerdie Gazette is: listening for the voice of the Lord and seeking the face of Jesus. What I hear in my journey, I will also write about. What guides me in this journey and what I propose for you to do is: Wait on the Lord, and be of good courage ..for He shall strengthen thy heart!
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