RightWing Christians & Mankind’s Age

OKALOOSA (Gazette) — Now I am hearing from scientists that the oldest human DNA found is 400,000 years old. I thought that I have always been taught that humans are millions of years old. This latest finding is closer to what right-wing fundamentalist Christians have been saying all along about man only being here for thousands of years, not millions.

The New York Times also reported on this historic finding. The scientific team which made the discovery used new methods to extract the ancient DNA from the fossil. David Reich, a geneticist at Harvard Medical School who was not involved in the research, said, “That’s an amazing, game-changing thing.”

Plus, in recent tragic news, here are two sentiments from the very lips of Paul Walker that make one stop and think. The world is still reeling over Walker’s tragic death; however, hearing his words here puts a human touch on Walker’s death and life.

Here below, Paul Walker’s words are chillingly prophetic about his end.


NEW ORLEANS (Gazette) — Paul Walker fans from around the world have been pouring out their condolences ever since the accident happened. The list includes many, many fans who loved and admired him.

Also, here is a link to more condolences:
Fan Condolences for Paul Walker

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2 Responses to RightWing Christians & Mankind’s Age

  1. mainmanverne says:

    They don’t know, Only God does.

  2. ferdieWerdie says:

    Yes, Verne, you are correct. Like so many things in life, we always hear that only God knows for sure. I am happy that you brought this up because it is true.

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