Pictures of My Grandchildren on Halloween

I am still wanting to have some more fun from Halloween weekend. Now I am back to the nuts and bolts of daily, routine life. I might have a drink or two in order to lift my spirits back to the festivities mood. Hahaha… My daughter took some lovely pictures of my grandchildren on Halloween. We all had fun. This first picture was taken while my daughters were dressing my grandchildren in their costumes for the festivities. They looked nice in their costumes. If you want to see even more pictures, you can click here: More Pictures At My Daughter’s Site.

Next year, I have to remember to bring a costume for myself also. I was just basically dressed as “grandpa.” I rushed out of the house for the weekend with a change of just one shirt. I was a little bit upset that I had to wear the same outfit all weekend. My daughter said that it did not matter because all grandpas dress the same anyway. She said that all of their grandpa outfits look the same no matter what they wear. WOW!!! Is that true? Some pictures:

Prepping for Halloween night.  My granddaughter, Halfa'-Pint.

Prepping for Halloween night. My granddaughter, Halfa’-Pint.

They came back with bags of candy. I ate plenty candy too.

Riding to the trick-or-treat Halloween party.

Riding to the trick-or-treat Halloween party.

The next day we got 4 boats and took the kiddos boating on Lake Yogi.

Boating on the day after.

Boating on the day after.

With the new James Bond movie opening soon, I am reminded of the last 007 feature. Yes, and I still say, Let the SKYFALL. We will stand tall… at SKYFALL. Sometimes! Sometimes there’s gonna’ be days like this. Some people think the sky is crumbling, but that never mattered too much to me.

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