GAZETTE (JULY 10, 2022) — Of course, I knew that Elvis and Priscilla were married at the time that he met Ann Margaret. Elvis’ affair lasted for one year before Priscilla found out and made them break up. I previously said, “I did not know that Ann Margaret and Elvis Presley had a real-life love affair during the time of the making of Viva Las Vegas. I thought that Elvis was still married to Priscilla Presley.” I was just kidding about not knowing about the Elvis/Priscilla marriage. Of course I knew.

Elvis’ 1 yr affair ended when Priscilla Presley found out.


These are some of my unedited Scrolls for my next book… 0016 hrs. >>Took aspirin for a headache. I am wondering if the headache might be a slight side effect from the Covid-19 shot. >>My cat wanders off into the world occasionally then eventually returns to my front door asking for food. A few minutes ago, he was whining at my front door. I brought out a can of cat food and a bowl of  meat sauce and peas. 0718 hrs. >>Might have to bring the push mower out because the power mower is acting like an ass. >>>I am also struggling with a bug on my phone. >>LAKERS vs. Pelicans @1830 hrs. on TNT. I feel somewhat confident that the PELS will beat LA. 1120 hrs. >>I had finished the last of the delivery dinners. None delivered today because of the weather. I ate 2 bowls of cornflakes.

Here is a younger picture of me in a Clint Eastwood app. I actually appeared in the Henry Fonda movie MY NAME IS NOBODY when I was 23 years old. This is how I looked in the movie. All of the fine, young girls were loudly whistling at me every time I walked across the set. I was picked to have a talking part with Henry Fonda the next day for a scene on a pirogue (cajun boat) in the bayous. My girlfriend turned off the alarm clock the next morning without waking me up. I got to the Jackson Square foot of the river site too late after the boat left. They said that I “missed the boat,” and they fired me on the spot. I grieve that incident to this day. That very moment ended my movie career forever.

Me, as Clint Eastwood as MY NAME IS NOBODY.


0642 hrs. >>I should sign my autograph to memorialize stuff like paintings, my books, my pictures. >>>Those gorilla, hoe bitches! (Long story! Much too long and private to elaborate here). 1602 hrs. >>Tanking… Meanwhile, maybe I will read for a while.


0344 hrs. >>Read, and then find a movie. Looks like on Easter Saturday I will drive to the River Parishes. Had also planned to possibly go to Mandeville Street on Sunday.

1030 hrs. >>I will check to see if the PELS play today.

2000 hrs. >>Lakers v. Philly; then, Fallon. Doc Rivers won a championship with Boston, I think as a player.


0637 hrs. >>JJ Redick and Nicolo Melli are gone to Dallas. Somebody Johnson is coming in the trade to the PELS who could win a play-in spot (9 or 10) to stay alive.

0918 hrs. >>meal delivery and ate.

1135 hrs. >>I say that I landed a crushing blow to the gorilla baboons that I have been alluding to. I was outside when two of the baboons came outside and started making arrangements to correct some of the issues.


0138 hrs. >>The issue with the gorilla hoes has miraculously cleaned up. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Marvelous are your works. And THAT my soul knows full well. >>>Now (revoltingly) the gorilla monkey has flared up, and has been placed on my “shee-ite” species list. Oh yeah! 0746 hrs. >>I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Marvelous are your works. And THAT my soul knows full well. >>Alabama plays tomorrow evening. I will bring in the newspaper to see who plays today. >>>I see that the George Floyd trial will start on Monday. I am not sure that a jury will convict a police officer. These ugly days of violence have become more numerous since Trump won  the presidency. >>I find it strange that the authors from older books like in the early 1800’s and such use such large words. Were they using a thesaurus or something? Using smaller words would definitely suffice.


0942 hrs. >>It is coffee time. I might have to make a pot. >>UPDATE: Who would have guessed what the rest of the day held. I helped my ex-wife take a flat tire off of her car, brought her to get a new tire, pulled the bad battery off my daughter’s car, went to get a new one, went to eat po’ boys with my ex-wife. It was a long day. I felt like I got a lot accomplished.


0340 hrs. >>White beans and turkey necks for breakfast. I call it the breakfast of champions. 1119 hrs. >>I will sign off for a minute to pay the newspaper bill. This morning, I have been relaxing watching THE CALL OF THE WILD, and waiting on the SWEET SIXTEEN to continue. My bracket is pretty much busted already. What is a timber wolf?


1411 hrs >>GOOD GOD ALMIGHTY! I am gong to get the white beans out of the freezer, and eat them. Right now all I can do other than that is try to fit the can in the closet.


1459 >>I’ve been dealing with coffee today. I bought a store brand coffee which I tried yesterday. Today, I made another pot of coffee with my usual Cafe du Monde coffee with chickory. In a cup, I mixed in the last of the store bought with the fresh Cafe du Monde. I am enjoying it.

1609 hrs. >>Who knows what will the situation be at 1730 hrs. On a notepad I will note some of the things that I could possible do until then. 1801 hrs. >>Basketball for a minute.

02April2021, Good Fri.

0644 hrs. >>It is cold. I might bundle up for a while. Maybe I can find a good movie. 1110 hrs. >>Get another envelope to save the latest Scrolls in. >>>I did some cutting on the hair and the beard. 1711 hrs. >>I am waiting on the next point of meal time. I will get out a valise and put a change of under things for the trip to the River Road. Right now, I will do some eggs to kill some time until meal time.

03April2021, Holy Sat.

0300 hrs. >>I have my heater on medium. Yesterday it got surprisingly cold over here. I keep thinking that we are finished with the cold weather this season, and the cold weather comes right back.

0854 hrs. >>pants and socks.

04April2021, Sundaty

0542 hrs. >>It is Easter Sunday. UPDATE: Oh. What a lovely day I had for Easter. I am “kinda” feeling like I am glowing on the inside. EXCELLENT DAY! Most likely, by tomorrow, I will again be mad with the world and most of its inhabitants. I will probably take out my “shee-ite list” and start adding new names to it. In fact, I am starting to get mad right now.

05April2021, Mon.

1221 hrs. Looking at modular homes.

06April2021, Tuesday

Coffee. Figuring on tire. Figuring on commodities. Peripherally cleaning out the trunk.

1404 >>Commodities, wheel, BK. 

07April2021, Wed.

0728 hrs. >>Looking for the salmon which I plan to cook. What an excellent string of victories on yesterday! Now, what is today looking like?

1221 hrs. >>Looking grim.

08April2021, Thu. 

1625 hrs. >>Looking for a movie. Then, news.

08April2021, Thurs.

1631 hrs. >>What is on TV tonight? The news is about to come on.

09April2021, Fri.

0858 hrs. >>The PELICANS play tonight. They have been losing. 1027 hrs. fish, peas. 1240 hrs. >>Is it time to eat again? I did burrito and peas. I hope to go to the grocery in the morning. I will start making a list this evening.

12April2021, Mon.

1925 hrs. >>I am waiting on the PELS to come on at 2000 hrs. I am hoping for a win. This has been a very boring day. I will start pulling my car out daily in order to have productive days. >>>I played the piano for a minute.

13April2021, Tues.

2139 hrs. >>It rained most of the day today. I am getting ready to get into… Oooopps, I forgot what I got into. 

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