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I am never rude enough to stare at a fine woman in that manner. Is Morgan Freeman a creep? Why is he staring at Margo Robbie’s breasts like that? I will answer that at this link.

Why so creepy, Morgan?

I forgot about this one. That is just about the quintessential example that has made the rounds 🙂.

Then, I relate a favorite story...

This is the culprit which #drunkerized my semi-teetotaler tail on one of my highlight days. I will not disclose the name of this French Quarter restaurant because I like to keep my hideouts close to the vest 🙂. It is a popular Caribbean/Latin New Orleans restaurant.

My Sangria Special

This is I (pre-beard in the below post) at an excursion for lunch in the #FrenchQuarters. I forgot what drinks I drank at the restaurant, but my daughter and ex-wife had to drive out to pick me up (me being tipsy) from Harrah’s Casino. I think that most of the drink choices I perused at lunch involved #sangria specials with orange slices and fruits. Those sweet ones will “get you.”

I want to exercise...

She is a good weight lifter. I watched her video and I believe that she could probably lift heavier weights than I can. Very good! See link🔗 below to see her lift.

Below is some of her video.

I will write an article in my Delery Gazette about my last dancing session in public which I wish I could turn back the hands of time in order to make a correction.

How rich is Tom Brady?

Tom Brady will be the first NFL billionaire 👀

$332,962,392 in NFL money and several 5x business moves.

Brady’s best investments were:

Tom Brady

Elon Musk is siding with the party of insurrectionists and traitors. He is pledging to vote with the Republicans.

Musk is musky.

My grandson, Ryan Guillory, Jr., is the valedictorian of his graduation class. He is graduating this month from high school in Georgia. I mention here below some history that he has with being a valedictorian.


Recognize Lily from AT&T? I predict a future fantastic movie role for Milana Vayntrub soon. A comedy!

Milana Vayntrub

Bring all of your life situations to the cross.
See the cross!

You have to see the cross in your situation before you see the resurrection. I count it all joy.

Bring all of your life situations…

Here is a life situation:
Circumstantial Evidence!

I had some French-Cajun ancestors who fought with Sitting Bull at the Battle of Little Bighorn. They were smarting about how the Yankees came carpetbagging to Louisiana after the Civil War during Reconstruction. They wore pieces of their Mardi Gras Indian costumes and blended in with the native Indians. The French throughout history often fought alongside and with the Indians. Do you remember the French and Indian Wars? Often, the French fought with the Indians against the British and subsequently versus the Yankees.

Sitting Bull and the French. Many French were friends with him.
The Battle of Little Bighorn was
Custer’s Last Stand.

I will google this news below to see the details. I feel sorry for Hillary. I love ♥️ Hillary! Is it true that she is considering another presidential run, or are the deplorables just “starting” mess?

I love Hillary!
Speaking of deplorables...

Was this tweet really Trump? I do not know if he would try to sneak back to Twitter like this.

Hillary&Michelle 2024?

ANYWAY: This can’t be the real Donald Trump. Twitter booted Trump off the platform. Who is this who says, “Hillary Clinton has confirmed she will run with Michelle Obama in 2024”? I do not think that Michelle would gamble her good name on a longshot ticket.

Tom Brady has unretired.


COMING SOON! I will write something about my two brothers and my dad. What I want to say stems from a post that my brother wrote (linked below). His post inspired me to want to say, for example, that both of the houses that I lived in at my marriages were made possible by my dad. Plus, likewise, it is such with the very house that I live in now. Thusly, I think that my dad’s spirit of virtue has passed from him onto my brothers.

My brothers: Carl and Alan. My dad: Ferdinand Jr.

Eli Apple and the rabbit hole. 

What is Eli Apple saying in order to dig himself out of the rabbit hole that he fell in after besmirching the city of New Orleans and all SAINTS fans?

Eli is digging his way out.
Eli Apple

People are loving Milana Vayntrub who is Lily the girl from AT&T. Look at how lovely she looks in this scene from her movie THE WEREWOLF WITHIN:

That is not my pit. I plan to install one at my house once I buy another house. I like the pit and want one.

Fire pit.

I will sing, toot and…

play from my trumpet a new house to me. Before the Lord takes me away, I want to settle into a new place for my transition up to paradise.

Tom Brady: “One of the great decisions you ever made was leaving Ohio State to get out of that godforsaken place and go to LSU,” Brady told Joe Burrow. “As a Michigan man, I could tell how smart he was when he did that. Thank God. That was one of the best decisions you ever made, Joe.”

Joe Cool

We hear so much said about Donald Trump that we become anesthetized to the surrealism. Such is this charge made here by Trump’s former lawyer, Michael Cohen.

Click “Read replies” for interesting replies sent.

Time is flying:

My granddaughter, Lil’ Potato, is now as tall as her mom. She is in junior high school. I do not know what year I took this picture. She is my youngest granddaughter.

Lil’ Potato

Read the message below about the latest move that President Biden is making concerning the problem with Russia at the Ukraine border.

Click the video below to see a hole in one, and hear the crowd cheer.

Click to see a hole in one.

Biden to a stupid son-of-a-***:

I will look up why Hollywood shies away from these popular actresses here. Pictured below are two actresses who have many fans, and who made excellent movies. If you want to find out (like I do) what’s up with Hollywood, stand by for what I can find out.

Why blacklist them?
Stay tuned for what I find.
I am still looking for the answer.
Coming back?

There are fans who do not understand why? Meanwhile, QB Joe Burrow and WR Ja’Marr Chase  are two LSU boys starring for Cincinnati Bengals on Saturday. They won the NCAA Championship for LSU a couple years ago. The Bengals play the Las Vegas Raiders at 3:30pm (Central Time) on NBC. Think of the kind of betting action. I have to ask Todd (my neph who might know) if they take sports bets at Harrah’s now. I will drive there before Sat. afternoon to lay down a bet for Cincy. Two of my grandchildren are LSU 🐯 Tigers right now; so, I have some hot blood in my veins for Cincy. Some of my tears popped out on Sunday when the RAMS (Lambs) let the SAINTS down; but for now… Geaux Tigers (Cincy Bengals). WHO DEY!!!

Why?… Answer! Why??

This is out of left field, but I think that the RAMS truly did not want to meet the №7 seed SAINTS in the playoffs next week. WHO DAT Nation has major “beef” with the RAMS after that horrendous “no-call” booted the SAINTS from the Super Bowl appearance a couple years ago. WHO DAT has been waiting with bloody fangs ever since.

Abba, in the name of Yeshua, re: Saints vs. Atl please have Trevor Siemian play a good game. I predict that if ATLANTA beats the SAINTS today that I will be depressed. Plus, I am still “scared’ that the SAINTS will lose. That is my prediction! My hopes, in the name of Yeshua/Joshua, are high for a Saints victory. However, I am concerned about our quarterback situation. I pray that our quarterback has a good game and rescues the WHO DAT’s season. GEAUX SAINTS!!

Then, I want to write about my take of the 2022 New Year celebrations and the aftermath that I have been enjoying. New Year’s Eve started out with the arrival of guests at my daughter’s house. I will write more. Firstly, I have to take a few minutes to reflect on the first few days of 2022 for me.

Things are slow for me now since my wonderful holiday week. Presently, I am watching the speeches about the January 6,  2021, insurrection.

P.S. I think that “HOSS” might be Mike Hoss, the former, local TV news anchor in New Orleans. I googled “Hoss at WWL Radio” and saw that Mike Hoss has been hired as a play-by-play announcer at WWL-Radio for SAINTS games… among other chores.

In fact, to affirm my search findings, here below is a joke from Mike Hoss. He was calling the game in Atlanta at it’s Stadium. The Superdome is now the Caesar Superdome:

This is funny.
My daughter’s birthday.

I will write about my fantastic holiday season which was capped off by the New Year celebration including birthday party for my daughter. I am now back to normal life and “doings.” However, Mardi Gras season in New Orleans kicked off on King’s Day on January 6th. That hardly gave me much time to breath. Bon Ton Roulet!


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