My review of Pirates!

Pirates of the Caribbean is the #1 movie in the country this week. My review is developing now as I watch game 5 of Miami/Chicago. Yesterday I stayed home to watch the last episode of Oprah and game 5 of the Dallas/OKC series. I saw the movie this morning at the 10 a.m. slot at Clearview.

I have a hard time understanding the Queen’s English dialect without subtitles. I enjoy the Pirates of the Caribbean movies at home when I can turn on the subtitles. Otherwise, to me, it’s just a lot of sword fighting and water. I kept falling asleep at the showing this morning. It looked like it was good.

The cinematography was outstanding (as usual); and the plot looked like it was very good. It’s just that I have a hard time with proper Queen’s English at movies. I did not enjoy KING’S SPEECH either until I rented the video and watched it at home with the subtitles turned on.

At the last Pirates/Cari. to come out in the cinemas my brother from New Jersey and I both were snoring 3 minutes into the movie. We could not keep up with the extra-proper English dialect. Three minutes into the movie this morning, I fell asleep. I woke up when the 3-D glasses fell off my face and hit the floor. The scenes were beautiful, and the ladies in the movie were lovely.

I welcome your comments of my Pirates’ review. I will write more later on (after the game). I plan to also study some of the reviews of it that are on YAHOO MOVIES …(Fri. May 27) I did not add anything to this review since last night. I did my daily walk this morning, and digested some fibre. I’ll write more review this weekend. GREEK FESTIVAL this weekend …BOOO-YAHHH!! ..LOL.

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3 Responses to My review of Pirates!

  1. fdelery says:

    I will try to see Pirates of the Caribbean over the Memorial Day weekend. I plan to ask mama if she wants to go. Maybe, she and I can do dinner before we go. On a scale of 1 to 10, I would say that her chances of saying yes are very good.


    P.S. It is now Thursday. I saw it, and my review is above.

    • fdelery says:

      Okay, I saw it today (Thursday). I’m happy that I did not bring my mom to see it. I do not think that she even likes action, adventure movies. In fact, she probably would not have gone even if I asked her.

  2. fdelery says:

    I viewed PIRATES again on DVD using the subtitles. I enjoyed/understood the movie more here at home on DVD. There was still a lot of sword fighting, jumping and chase scenes for my taste. Time-consuming chase and fight scenes seem just like “filler” in movies to me.

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