New Orleans Hornets Struggling

Ferdie Werdie

OK! I’m giving ’em another chance tonight. Our Nawlins NBA basketball team is struggling; but I’m doing nothing tonight, and the suck-axx Hornets are coming on FOX Sports New Orleans in about 1 minute. I will watch some of it until it gets too ugly. Plus, punk-axx Eric Gordon claims he’s coming back from his Los Angeles knee “rehab” next week. He’s making millions-$$ while sitting in Los Angeles just grinning at how he is ripping the Hornets off:

Hornets coach urges Big Easy to take it easy on Eric Gordon when star returns from knee injury
Eric Gordon alienated many New Orleans fans over the summer after his flirtation with the Phoenix Suns. My opinion: I’m alienated because he hasn’t played 1 bounce all year, and only 9 games last year. Gordon is acting like a little baby while he claims that he is “rehabbing” in Los Angeles collecting his millions of dollars. In the article above, he explains why he “flirted” with Phoenix and when he expects to return to the Hornets lineup. Making the kind of money he is making, he should be right here with the team. TAKE A PAIN PILL AND STOP CRYING, bee-otch!!!

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  • Ferdie Werdie P.S. GAME OVER! 6 mins in, Spurs are already killing the Bees. The Bees suck!!! I see some new faces coming next year. Gordon says he has no ill will toward New Orleans fans. Hell, I have ill will toward that punk. STAY IN CALI, and give the money back!

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