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Covfefe?? I write this to Bob Kuhn, the host of the Comedy Hour at the NEUTRAL GROUND Coffee House in New Orleans: LOL… you are too funny, Bob. I am coming tonight with some jokes for you and the crowd. … Continue reading

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Today’s Meal-Replacement Shake

I sent the below note to my brother because I had planned to drink my meal-replacement shake for lunch today. However, some no-account handlers did not show up for an appointment at noon. So, I got mad at the world … Continue reading

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Ugly Murder in New Orleans

NEW ORLEANS (Gazette) — I cannot remember the last time I was in the lower 9th Ward of New Orleans. I always thought that they were a different species than myself living there. I used to fear having a flat … Continue reading

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My 2015 Mardi Gras

NEW ORLEANS (Gazette) — Every Mardi Gras, I attend certain functions, parades or balls at which I get excited and truly feel the Mardi Gras Spirit. It is like a natural high. This year, I plan to write about my … Continue reading

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Louisiana Festival

NEW ORLEANS (Gazette) — On yesterday, 4 of my granddaughters (true cajun-dining experts already), myself and their moms enjoyed the Louisiana Seafood Festival. We ate bbq shrimp, stuffed oysters, alligator, shrimp/grits, charbroiled oysters, and more. My son in-law and 2 … Continue reading

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Festival Season in New Orleans

NEW ORLEANS (Gazette) — Festival season has broken out all over New Orleans. On Friday and Saturday there was flooding and such ugly weather that it felt like a hurricane was hitting the region. Then, on Sunday, I woke up … Continue reading

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Me Big Chief; Me Got’em Tribe!

NEW ORLEANS (Gazette) — My War Council (my daughters) and I had a Ferdie Werdie#PowWow recently from which we drew up the following NEW NATION PROCLAMATION: Me Big Chief. I got’em tribe. Got my girls right by my side. I’m gonna’ … Continue reading

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Grow Old With Dignity?

On frequent occasions, my daughters have told me that I have to learn how to grow old with dignity. They are too funny! I am not pushing up daisies yet; I’m still breathing and kicking. On Thursday night, while I … Continue reading

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Fine Interviews: Jennifer Hale

NEW ORLEANS (Gazette) — I replied with a tweet to lovely Jennifer Hale, the sandy-haired courtside reporter for the Hornets. In the photo above she is interviewing Hornets’ top-pick Anthony Davis. Last night, I so enjoyed watching the Hornets break … Continue reading

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Super Bowl Jackson Square Live Cam

NEW ORLEANS (Gazette) — Dang!! Looks like they shut down the Jackson Square Live Cam for this Super Bowl. So sorry!! Maybe, someone sued for privacy rights violations for being filmed on the Live Cam. Possibly, also, crimes were being … Continue reading

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