Natalie Wood Case Reopened

Explosive new coroner’s report on death of Hollywood star Natalie Wood…

It’s the latest step toward settling the question of whether Wood was murdered, or whether she accidentally fell overboard on her 60-foot yacht and drowned – as the original police investigation concluded…

Natalie Wood coroner report at Daily Mail:

My Note: The new information about this case is stunning. Did Wagner’s celebrity sway police? Should he have been looked at closer? Also, the book that I mention later on (NATALIE WOOD: A Life by Gavin Lambert) has information that should have been told to the police back in 1981.

Ferdie Delery

I TOLD YA’LL! Robert Wagner killed Natalie in my opinion. Wagner got back to his yacht after going ashore for more wine and caught his wife (Natalie) and Christopher Walken in a compromising situation. He chased Walken to his cabin w/ a broken wine bottle. Then, Wagner and Wood got into an extended fight from their cabin back to the deck where she “went missing.” I READ THE DANG BOOK!! “NATALIE WOOD: A Life” by Gavin Lambert. Did she fall while trying to get into the dingy to escape; did she slip overboard, or did she get thrown overboard?
Coroner amends Natalie Wood’s death certificate
Citing questions about bruises on the body of actress Natalie Wood, the LA County medical examiner has changed the listed cause of death. The autopsy report showed the 43-year-old actress had two dozen bruises on her body, including a facial abrasion on her left cheek and bruises on her arms.
Below is another report (at Daily Mail link below) that is even more revealing. I say, Robert Wagner DID IT! He has been free and walking the streets ever since. Christopher Walken showed up for the 1981 Thanksgiving cruise on Wagner’s boat without his own wife. That spelled doom right there. Wagner should have kicked Walken off the boat before they even started the cruise. I know that I would have. Me, my wife and that nervous-looking dude alone on a Thanksgiving cruise?? That would not have happened with me. Wagner thought that Walken was his friend and Natalie’s friend. However, that proved to be too many spokes on the wheel.

Daily Mail link Re: Coroner Report

The new coroner’s report on Natalie Wood ‘questions every major finding’ that led to her 1981 death.

See other fine international news at:

The new coroner’s report is the latest step toward determining whether Wood was murdered, or whether she accidentally fell overboard on her 60-foot yacht and drowned – as the original police report concluded. Dennis Davern, the former captain of Wood’s yacht Splendor, broke his silence with an account of that day in “Goodbye Natalie, Goodbye Splendor,” a book he co-wrote that was published in 2009. Davern said that he heard an extended fight between Wagner and Wood after Wagner chased Walken to his cabin with a broken wine bottle. Furthermore, according to my own studies and readings, Robert Wagner beat his wife before she fell or was thrown overboard. Wagner waited hours before calling the Coast Guard about his wife’s disappearance. The original coroner’s report listed Wood’s cause of death as “accidental drowning.” The new coroner’s report lists the cause of death as “drowning and other undetermined factors.” I further fault the captain and Walken with negligence for not truthfully revealing the total extent of the fight to police back in 1981 during the investigation.

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