Cannot #Eat This

WWL Radio asked us football fans what we are cooking today. I would love to eat what is in the picture. LOVE IT! However, I bought an oyster sandwich and some fried artichoke balls. After I ate the oyster sandwich, I put a couple artichoke balls on some bread and butter. Now, I am drinking some 7-Up and relaxing with some football.

Speaking of eating, I would sure love to put a smile on Sanaa Lathan’s face. She is a cutie pie. However, I am just dreaming and do not see me getting ahold of her any time soon. Besides that, I heard that Denzel Washington has that stuff all wrapped up.

In the latest from the weekend, a Lake Charles, Louisiana, man walked into his church on Friday night and shot to death his pastor during the sermon. No motive has been discovered yet.

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