#CatchingFire Is Number One

NEW ORLEANS (Gazette) — I was in that number this weekend at the #HungerGames opening weekend. It seems like I had waited too long for Part II of the trilogy to come to the big screen. Yes, it was the Number One movie of the weekend. I had a great, fun time at the screening. I highly recommend that you choose the IMAX version of the movie because the sound effects in the IMAX EXPERIENCE are so great.

Last year, after I found out that my brother had read the Hunger Games trilogy it immediately inspired me to buy Book I on my Kindle Fire. What a thrill ride the book is! I subsequently bought Book 2 for my Kindle also, and could not believe what an intriguing journey the author took me on. It is a roller coaster ride. Great! For the last installment, I ordered the hard copy. I just had to have the actual book in my hands. It left me so impressed that I looked up online for when the next installment of the movie was coming out. A LONG WAIT! Thus, a very happy culmination and experience THIS WEEKEND came to fruition. I had as much fun as I could have at a movie. I felt like I knew the characters’ emotions and pain so intimately that I welled-up in several scenes; but only at the end did a tear actually start rolling down my cheek. I do not think that anyone noticed it because I acted like I was wiping my glasses off. Yes, in my opinion Catching Fire the movie is just as exciting as the book. Great!!

In other news, I am surprised to hear that France is sending troops to Central African Republic where al-Qaida-linked Muslims are attacking Christian villages. These Muslim attacks are threatening genocide in a country which is in the heartland of the continent. This news of Christians being attacked like this, in my opinion, is bible-prophetic because the scriptures prophecy such Christian persecution in the end times. I plan to follow this story in depth.

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2 Responses to #CatchingFire Is Number One

  1. CJ says:

    Totally unrelated, I’d like to see a positive report on the cohesiveness of the following: positive experience of gathering, praising, witnessing. What is the true feeling of being drawn in? Actually I very much appreciated the ‘News Letter’ of the ’90’s
    Note: I don’t know if you’ve received much feedback on your efforts at keeping us (your readers) informed in a well rounded spectrum of topics. I for one would like to see you continue … Wow I have a bright Idea. Can you incorporate a post ‘introducing’ those of us interested in The Delery Family Reunion? Possibly using a picture, a slight bio and Delery family connection.

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