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My Brother Carl

My brother, Carl Delery, asked me a question this morning which I will try to answer here. It is a fine question. Carl asked: So, your dreams have beginnings, middle and ends? Do you have actors play the parts and … Continue reading

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#CatchingFire Is Number One

NEW ORLEANS (Gazette) — I was in that number this weekend at the #HungerGames opening weekend. It seems like I had waited too long for Part II of the trilogy to come to the big screen. Yes, it was the … Continue reading

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Blogs Kill WHITE HOUSE DOWN Opening

NEW ORLEANS (Gazette) — Obi-Wan Kenobi is probably who was needed to help WHITE HOUSE DOWN and Jamie Foxx in its opening weekend. It opened 4th with $24M while Monsters University took in $140.9M at #1 for second week in a row. Conservative … Continue reading

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