The Seat of My Throne

BOSCOVILLE (Gazette) — I loved my sofa. Now, I love my chair. A grand thought came to my mine a few days ago; and the benefits are paying off with many dividends. I thought, instead of spending all of my life prostrate across my sofa where I was enslaved I should make a change. So, one day, I stood up, moved over a few feet and planted my buttockal area in the chair. WOW!! What an experience! I discovered a whole new life, and have been collecting dividends every day. Now, I am living my whole life planted in my chair. hahaha

By the way, this is Mardi Gras weekend in New Orleans. The best of the parades and the best of the Balls are this weekend… culminating in Fat Tuesday. I am worn down tonight; but I am going to kick back off in the morning.

I just read something that reminded me that the OSCARS are tonight. I might come back online later and list my choices before the broadcast.

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