Hump Day!

I am parking these pictures here temporarily in order for me to study them more closely. They are advertized as mind-blowing pictures. They have not blown my mind yet. That is why I want to come back later and put my head more deeply into them.

What in the heck is usually on my mind anyway? Well, that is the big question in the picture below. Once I wrap up a few things at the house, I plan to go off for a while to get some delicious seafood. I will let y’all know how it all comes out. Firsly, I need to study one or two of these pictures in order to get my blood to flowing correctly.

****************************THE BIG QUESTION!!!************************

What in the heck is on Ferdie's mind this afternoon?

What in the heck is on Ferdie’s mind this afternoon?

UPDATE: My mind still is not blown yet, unless I am not cognizant of it. I did go off to get some good seafood. I went to one of my favorite little hide outs in the 7th Ward for some Cajun/Creole gumbo and an oyster sandwich. I washed it all down with a beer while I watched some fine booties walk in and out. Now, the only thing blown is my stomach. I plan to do some situps and some core exercises later on as soon as I get my head back together. BTW, I also still have to check to see what Jennifer Lawrence’s next movie is. I enjoy her work very much. I know that she is filming the next part of the HUNGER GAMES, but I do not think that is coming out yet.

Best Actress Oscar Winner Jennifer Lawrence

Best Actress Oscar Winner Jennifer Lawrence

Many fans watched with interest as quarterback sensation Johnny Manziel sat through 21 selections of the NFL draft before he was picked by the Cleveland Browns. Is this a good pick? Is he happy?

I was excited to see Blake Bortles of the University of Central Florida picked at #3 as the first quarterback selected in the 2014 NFL Draft by the Jacksonville Jaguars. I think that this was a fantastic pick.

Well, I must say that Blake Bortles has fine taste in the ladies too. The Jaguar fans (I would imagine) will also be happy to see Blake’s girlfriend at the games.

Jags QB Blake Bortles girlfriend.

Jags QB Blake Bortles girlfriend.

I am also still in the process of developing my thoughts on Laura Logan and her suspension from CBS and her projected return. Certain circles believe that Logan’s modus operandi is dangerous to herself and her co-workers. Have you ever thought that maybe she just wants to be the best?

I wanted to show y’all where I plan on going fishing very soon. I want to attack the waters between St. Charles and St. John Parishes. I will take pictures once I haul in those fish. Meanwhile, my brother is coming in town soon; and I am planning to buy a boat for our perusal.

Map Courtesy of

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