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I Wuv the hated LAKERS Again

NEW ORLEANS (Gazette) — I am re-Posting this story from the 2013 NBA playoffs because I am worried about the retarded Pelicans going forward into the 2014 season. They have been in last place in their division for three straight … Continue reading

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Me and Polite Society

NEW ORLEANS (Gazette) — Ooops!! I meant to add my finished/polished article to the Gazette site. I accidentally reposted it here on my editor’s desk. Sorry! Now, I have to write another article here. DANGGG!! I’m tired. Be patient while … Continue reading

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Polite Society My Arse

NEW ORLEANS (Gazette) — DO NOT mistake me for a member of POLITE SOCIETY. Why? There has been a rash of people beating me over the head about ME and MY life. You are getting on my nerves. So, what … Continue reading

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Dems in Brooklyn

NEW ORLEANS (Gazette) — I think that it would be a daggone great convention if the Democrats held their 2016 Presidential Convention in Brooklyn, New York. I would love it; and maybe even visit my brother there during the convention. … Continue reading

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