Too Much Information

NEW ORLEANS (Gazette) — I promised my readers to install segments of my 2015 New Orleans Mardi Gras experience. I wish that I had an old-school manual typewriter because that is what we used when I started writing as a “cub reporter” for newspapers in the Big Easy. Meanwhile, I have a question for alimentary canal experts. I want to know if the potency of jalapeno peppers is still “hot, hot, hot” once it passes through the intestines?

TMI??: At the movies yesterday, I used some of those theater jalapeno peppers on a personal pan pizza. My tongue and lips burned a “good” 15 minutes. Last night at home, my stomach started burning up. In the latrine, I had a blow-out from my posterior. My rear-end burned for 7 minutes. Do peppers maintain their potent heat even after going through the digestive tract? Is that even scientifically possible?

Where does the job of the digestive tract end (finito) after doing its job? In other words, what is the final destination of the digestive tract elements after the job is done?

Final destination of digestive tract.

Final destination of digestive tract.

I have seen quite a few movies about the NAZI death camps, and read much about them. I will never get used to the horror. The world is honoring 70 years since the Russian army entered the Nazi Auschwitz death camp to end the German reign of death there. I keep all of those who suffered and died there in my prayers.

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4 Responses to Too Much Information

  1. CJ says:

    Ferd, you may have to do as some people I know. They EAT more than accepted practice dictates, these people eat a wider swath and continue until they reach the BROWN MOUND. In other words you can visit the brown mound and perform a taste test. Will you please post your findings. My bet is the peppers will still be hot. Maybe not quite as hot as going in, butt experience tells me the peppers come out ‘hot’.

  2. Thank you, CJ. I did not know if hot jalapeno peppers retained their heat once they entered the digestive tract. You have completely answered my question. Once I hit the latrine, me derriere was burning up. My caboose burned for 10 minutes. Yes, you answered my question. I am just not too sure of that heat test that you are talking about.

  3. CJ says:

    Wait, Wait, Wait a minute. Let me make it clearer. My experience is that peppers may burn when coming out. I have NO experience eating at the brown hole. I’ve heard of people doing that, explaining the close proximity. Personally I’m more careful, don’t want that mistake.

    • OK, CJ. I thought you meant that you did. You had me worried there for a while. Meanwhile, I did not realize that peppers are hot going in; and also hot going out. I enjoy peppers on my food, but I thought that the heat only burned your lips and tongue. I did not imagine they also burn on the inside, AND on the caboose. Thank you, CJ, you have been very helpkful

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