Carl and Uncle Bay

Carl Delery asked: Does everyone know the origination of the name “Uncle Bay”? My understanding is with Ferd, the first nephew.

Uncle Sidney – “Come to uncle, bay.”
Ferd – “Uncle Bay?”

The rest is history, a long list of nieces and nephews.

Happy birthday, Uncle Bay. Bay Bay’s children.
Posted on March 10 at 12:33pm · New Jersey

Carl Delery, Sr.

Carl Delery, Sr.

Yes, Carl, Uncle Sidney was requesting me (a toddler) to come to uncle. He was calling me bay. The genius that I am, I started calling him Uncle Bay. Hahaha… To my worldwide readers: Carl is my younger brother who recalled in a post on Facebook how/why we call my mom’s brother Uncle Bay. March 10 was our uncle’s birthday. Also, Carl was in town for two weeks in February for Mardi Gras. I promised my readers to write a piece about my experiences at this year’s Mardi Gras. I will soon begin working on that story for my blog. Things have been very hectic from the Mardi Gras season up until even now.

When I was young, I had one like this (in below picture) cooking for me and inhabiting my kitchen. Now, I am old and have to do my own cooking and taking care of my own kitchen. My co-pilot is still in the vicinity, but she does not dress like that anymore.

I had one like this when I was young.

I had one like this when I was young.

NEW ORLEANS (Gazette) — The New Orleans Saints do not want to make the Super Bowl any time soon. Especially after trading Jimmy Graham #TheBeast to Seattle who already have Marshawn Lynch #TheBeast. Two BEASTS at the same time? HISTORICAL! I am down with that. Until further notice and unless something changes, my money is on the Seattle SuperHawks in 2015.

GREAT NEWS!!! If the NBA season ended tonight, the New Orleans Pelicans would be the 8th seed in the West in the playoffs. Thanks to the L.A. Clippers, who defeated Oklahoma City tonight, the Pelicans are currently riding that 8th seat. However, of course, there are still 17 games left in the season; so, anything can happen by then.

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