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I Recently Heard

Carl Delery recently said, “I’d like to wish collective HAPPY BIRTHDAYS to all four of my December siblings. Ferd, Peggy, Gail and Alan wishing you all the very best in your advancing age. Take care, and may God bless you … Continue reading

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Donald Trump Loses

WE THE PEOPLE!! My thoughts back on December 28 about Donald Trump leading the polls were: With the primaries around the corner, I have decided to follow Donald Trump on Twitter. The very first ‪#‎real‬, hard copy vote of the … Continue reading

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Carl and Uncle Bay

Carl Delery asked: Does everyone know the origination of the name “Uncle Bay”? My understanding is with Ferd, the first nephew. Uncle Sidney – “Come to uncle, bay.” Ferd – “Uncle Bay?” The rest is history, a long list of … Continue reading

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Ferdie’s New Cover Song

Giving by Ferdie Werdie: http://t.co/3gG5V2JUbv via @YouTube — Ferdie (@ferdiewerdie) January 20, 2014 Back to Album I tweet me singing this love song b/c I want to get an opinion from my brother Carl: http://t.co/6ERAJZenJv — Ferdie (@ferdiewerdie) January 20, … Continue reading

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To My Brother, Carl Delery

NEW ORLEANS (Gazette) — Carl, I am scraping along today having a busy, rough day. However, when you were in my corner years ago everyone thought that I was a bad Motor Scooter. NOT TRUE!! I was only hanging in … Continue reading

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