Movement to Free Flag Hero

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The black lady who climbed the pole to remove the Carolina Confederate Flag is still in jail in South Carolina, and a movement is growing to have her released from prison. My opinion is that she is a hero for removing the treasonous Rebel flag from the state capitol. Abraham Lincoln has already shown South Carolina what the United States of America thinks about them wanting to secede from the Union. The issue was decided. So, why was this black woman arrested in Carolina for taking down an illegal, rebellious flag?

When I first saw the tweet about the lady being arrested, I could not believe it. The picture showed her climbing that treasonous flag pole.

This is THE flag which should fly in AMERICA.

This is THE flag which should fly in AMERICA.

I posted the below picture from a post that my cousin initiated discussing how Columbus and the Pilgrims were actually illegal aliens in America who stole the land and then enslaved another race. This site might not handle my cousin’s post (which I inserted below the picture) because of privacy settings. However, this picture exemplifies what South Carolina’s Flag represents.

The Rebel flag represents this.

The Rebel flag represents this.

How hypocritical THEY are!! These right-wingers today are blind and cheeky. Plus, they want to wave a treasonous, Confederate flag in everyone’s face.

..NOW paleface in 2015 wants to turn away so-called “illegal aliens.”

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