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Ugly Murder in New Orleans

NEW ORLEANS (Gazette) — I cannot remember the last time I was in the lower 9th Ward of New Orleans. I always thought that they were a different species than myself living there. I used to fear having a flat … Continue reading

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I Enjoy This Ride

NEW ORLEANS (Gazette) — I like this ride. I think that you will enjoy it too. It gives me a fresh perspective on our “little” lives here on earth. I think that this view is going viral. I do not … Continue reading

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Carl and Uncle Bay

Carl Delery asked: Does everyone know the origination of the name “Uncle Bay”? My understanding is with Ferd, the first nephew. Uncle Sidney – “Come to uncle, bay.” Ferd – “Uncle Bay?” The rest is history, a long list of … Continue reading

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The Republican Plan In Action

NEW ORLEANS (Gazette) — The Republican plan is going into action. So they say! You need to click to see the below video of what the plan is. Really!! It is amazing. I am amazed. I love when #Republicans begin … Continue reading

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