Saints and Running Game

I have some videos and pictures from my daughter’s graduation that I plan to post at my Gazette. The 19th was the 4th anniversary of her graduation. Until then here is a link to where I saved some of the pictures: See the pictures.

This is another picture from around that time. This is my youngest granddaughter, but maybe she had not been born yet:

Lil' Potato is seen here strolling with PawPaw.

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UPDATE: This weekend on Monday Night Football I am putting my money on running back Tim Hightower and the Saints. With injured running back Mark Ingram out for the year, I believe that the Saints finally have a real running game. Last week, I placed my money against the Saints and lost. This week I think that Tim Hightower will DO IT.

What I wrote about it last week: Just because I picked Tampa Bay over the New Orleans Saints this week, Saints’ running back Tim Hightower had a great game and ruined my picks. Hightower was on the bench all year. Now, with Mark Ingram injured and out for the year, the Saints suddenly have a real running game.

Below are the 5 games that I selected to bid on this week at Cover5. The teams that I picked to win are: Tampa, Tennessee, Colts, Carolina, New York. The Giants play on Monday night. In the other 4 games, I lost 3: the Jags beat the Colts 51-16, the Jets beat Tennessee 30-8, the daggone Saints beat Tampa 24-17. I won with Carolina beating the Falcons 38-0.

Date Favorite Spread Underdog My Bid Pts
12/13/15 @Tampa Bay Buccaneers -3.5 Saints -10.5
12/13/15 @Jets -7 Tennessee Titans -15
12/13/15 @Jacksonville Jaguars 0 Indianapolis Colts -35
12/13/15 @Carolina Panthers -7.5 Atlanta Falcons 30.5
12/14/15 @Miami 0 Giants
Change Picks Total: -30

Look at what they are newly finding out about the vetting process at the immigration office:

Once I see the new Star Wars movie, can I keep my mouth shut about all of the plot secrets and plot twists that the movie’s makers have kept so close to the vest. I have relatives and friends who are just waiting to do me harm if I open up my mouth about the new movie. UPDATE: I saw it, and I am keeping my mouth shut. Except, (oh, oh)… I have to say that if you can, I recommend that you see the IMAX version. I bought a ticket for just the 3-D version because it was the first showing in the morning. However, I accidentally stepped into the IMAX screening for a moment after getting some popcorn, and discovered that the IMAX audio is outstanding.

I am thinking about starting up another Biggest Loser Contest in 2016. You can see the last winner at the link.

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