What Tiffany Coyne Liked

Twitter sent this notification to Ferdie Werdie:
Tiffany Coyne
liked your Tweet, Ferdie Werdie,”
said Twitter.

Which reminds me of how in the bible
it always says, “Thus, saith the Lord.”
For instance, “You of little faith,
why did you doubt?”… saith the Lord.
I just LOVE the words of the Lord.
“Take courage! It is I. Don’t be afraid,”
saith Jesus, the Lord.

Yes, Delery Gazette @Ferd3desk tweeted, and #TiffanyCoyne liked it:

@TiffanyCoyne >>You looked very pretty on today’s show. I wrote so on my blog: goo.gl/TkjkCx

Gazette @Ferd3desk returned some love to Tiffany by #liking her picture. What’s not to like, huh?

We're all in purple today at #LMAD for #SpiritDay showing our support for LGBT youth & standing up against bullying.

A photo posted by Tiffany Coyne (@tiffanylcoyne) on

I also just wanted to say what I have been doing since someone else won the $1.5 billion in the Powerball drawing last weekend. I was actually scared to win that much money. However, I am driving on since then delving into other areas.

I am so happy to have received a response from Tiffany Coyne that I am tooting on my horn.


This is Ferdie prepping for Mardi Gras.

Here (in the below video) I am performing an R&B standard which I taped for my brother Carl. More recently, I have performed some of my songs at open-mike night uptown at The Neutral Ground Cafe, testing the waters as #they say. (cont)… tl.gd/n_1so6m

@Dahlia Derriere too looks very pretty here on this boat. I also wrote some love to her post: Dahlia Derriere …Subsequently, it looks like she left space with my name on her boat for me. I guess (as they say), Only In My Dreams. Aren’t I allowed to wish?


I saved some room for you, Ferdie Werdie honey

P.S. Tiffany Coyne,
I also
liked your Tweet, you gorgeous thing.

ferdiewerdie said at Twitlonger:
Ferdie · @ferdiewerdie
 19th Jan 2016 from TwitLonger
A friend of my brother and mine does comedy at open-mike night at The Neutral Ground Cafe occasionally which gave me the idea of putting together 15 minutes of #comedy to try. However, I am hesitant about comedy because it is too easy to #bomb horribly with comedy.

Now that Sarah Palin has endorsed Donald Trump I think that everything is well-in-hand.

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Please click "Follow" to Subscribe/Follow my posts in order to receive an e-mail notice when I post new articles. Plus, I will write stuff that you suggest or like. What I am doing with the posts on my FerdieWerdie Gazette is: listening for the voice of the Lord and seeking the face of Jesus. What I hear in my journey, I will also write about. What guides me in this journey and what I propose for you to do is: Wait on the Lord, and be of good courage ..for He shall strengthen thy heart!
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