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Liberty Is Important

I am studying this picture very deeply. My spirit is low (as that of many Americans) because of the hate and lies we see on TV every day. Is there any hope, justice or righteousness? Are there any men or … Continue reading

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What Tiffany Coyne Liked

Twitter sent this notification to Ferdie Werdie: “Tiffany Coyne liked your Tweet, Ferdie Werdie,” said Twitter. Which reminds me of how in the bible it always says, “Thus, saith the Lord.” For instance, “You of little faith, why did you … Continue reading

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Piers Morgan and Gun Control

I will have more to say about Piers Morgan and gun control when I get back home from eating. Presently, I am starving; and my stomach is growling. I have to go off and put something into my stomach. Anyway, … Continue reading

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With Election Near, A Tax Story

Ferdie @ferdiewerdie #HorrorStory: #heavyweight #champ #JoeLouis was charged by the IRS 90% of his earnings in his boxing years. Except for help from other celebrities in his final years (Frank Sinatra for one), he would have died a broken, poor … Continue reading

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