Happy Mardi Gras, Y’all

While they were voting in New Hampshire on Tuesday, we were celebrating Fat Tuesday in New Orleans. Happy Mardi Gras! Here is a video of my grandson, lil’ Vaughn, marching in the Iris parade in New Orleans on Saturday and playing his trombone. UPDATE: I temporarily replaced my grandson’s video with this explanation video below because the server might have placed the trombone video in a different privacy mode. Sorry! By the way, I made this video early in the morning. I did not have time to put all of my teeth and dentures in, plus I was tired. Please do not judge me for looking rough, etc. here because I rushed to put this video out.

What a beautiful day! This next photo below was actually taken last weekend again waiting to see lil’ Vaughn march. I missed taking a picture then too because circumstances messed me around that day also. I had a grand ol’ time anyway. I am not too sure how I am going to make out during the rest of Mardi Gras. I know that today I am aggravated, disgusted, cold and totally mad with the world. Tomorrow might be better, however. Like they say, Tomorrow is another day. “The morning might bring joy,” saith the Lord. I need to look up that passage because I think that the Lord said that the morning WILL bring joy and light.


A GRAND COMPLIMENT: Several of my relatives and “friends” have occasionally indicted me of being guilty of talking too much. However, someone with insight said something about me that reached deep into my core. Wonderful!

To understand me you need to realize that I actually visualize myself more like a fox. I said, “Thank you, Terry.” Why? Because several of my relatives and friends have erroneously indicted me of being guilty of talking too much. I think that these are the ones who become upset if I try to open my mouth at all. They become upset because they fear that I might use up any time at all with which they can rule/manipulate the universe. There is a word for this: narcissistic, maybe?

Moving on to another interesting subject, I read last night the link Celebrities Who Are Part Black which lists several historical figures who we did not know were mixed with black blood. I was surprised to read that Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis was mixed with black blood. I had already read about former FBI director J. Edgar Hoover who also was mixed with black blood. What was so interesting about Hoover is that he had a hatred for black people, and ran a campaign to discredit Martin Luther King. This reminds me so much of Adolf Hitler who had a hidden Jewish heritage, but hated Jews; and slaughtered millions of Jews in the holocaust death camps during World War II.

Speaking of the primaries, I predict that Donald Trump will win the New Hampshire primary on Tuesday. I was 100% correct in my prediction of the Iowa caucuses. I also, right here right now, want to give some love this very minute to all of the strong women of the world. Oh yeah, and Happy pre-Valentine! Hahaha… Yeah, I remembered.


Also, look at who made my day on Mardi Gras and also liked my reply to her tweet.

My fine Make A Deal girl, Tiffany Coyne

Do you see the 1 “like” next to the heart on my tweet to Tiffany (as of this writing)? Well, that is Tiffany Coyne who liked my tweet. She has responded before to several of my tweets. Valentine’s Day is on Sunday, and I guarantee y’all that I will send a Valentine tweet to Tiffany.

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