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Adrian Peterson: A Cardinal

I am so happy that future Hall of Fame running back Adrian Peterson is now an Arizona Cardinal. In fact, he is already listed as #1 on the Cardinals depth chart. Geaux Arizona Cardinals.   Where is “Old Blue Eyes” … Continue reading

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Take A Knee

Is Donald Trump a doggone Nazi? I have not been able to watch cable news ever since last week. After Trump’s inglorious news conference, my head exploded at his traitorous words in defense of Nazis, alt-Right, etc. Since then, I … Continue reading

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Covfefe?? I write this to Bob Kuhn, the host of the Comedy Hour at the NEUTRAL GROUND Coffee House in New Orleans: LOL… you are too funny, Bob. I am coming tonight with some jokes for you and the crowd. … Continue reading

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Lady in a Bikini

I am looking for a lady in a bikini. Many songs are about how dreams come true. On the last page of Ch 1 of my book #IHAVEaDREAM at https://t.co/g6MwxOIdVE I describe my #fav #function. It includes a lady in … Continue reading

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No Vote For Trump

In the presidential election cycle, I was actually weighing the option of possibly voting for Donald Trump for president until he refused to reveal his tax returns. That was a deal breaker for me. He wants to spend every other … Continue reading

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Scott Baio was Correct

@ScottBaio >>You got it right. Continue reading

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Who Influenced the Election?

@AnnCoulter Tweeted out who really influenced the presidential election in her opinion. She is wrong in her train of thought because she acts like people who disagree with her have no American voting rights. Actually, three million more Americans voted … Continue reading

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