Tom Brady Out for DeflateGate

Finally some justice and equality are duly being meted out peripherally relating (in my heart and soul) to the whole 1-year suspension that the New Orleans Saints served for BountyGate. Tom Brady will finally serve his 4-game suspension for DeflateGate. About time!! He will miss the first 4 regular-season games in 2016. JUSTICE!!

I believe that Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld put us in this Middle East, Islamic quagmire in 2003 by invading Iraq in an unjust war and killing more than a million innocent people immorally. Now, it is unfair to blame this mess on President Barack Obama because Obama ran in 2008 on a platform promising to bring our troops out of Iraq. He inherited the mess, and went right out and surgically took Osama Bin Laden out without killing millions of innocent people.

Speaking of Apocalypses, I went to see the opening of Ghostbusters on Friday morning in New Orleans. I plan to write my review of the movie at some point this weekend. I will post it then.

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