Pictures of My Fam

Here are five pictures of my family at a party.

This is the picture (below) that I was planning to post individually if I decided to. However, everyone saw a different picture because people commented on that other picture first.


My brothers and sisters, and my mom.

This is a picture of 2 of my daughters and me at a wedding.

shut up

Why is my mouth always moving?

I also add Carl (my brother) here in order to not leave him out.

the em

Carl and Joan.

WOW! Three out of the five starters for the Houston Rockets on opening night (Wednesday) were recent New Orleans Pelicans starters. Eric Gordon, Ryan Anderson and Trevor Ariza now start for Houston. Unbelievable! I enjoyed every minute of the game. It was like watching the Pelicans last year.

Ryan Anderson, Trevor Ariza and Eric Gordon just came over from the Pels. Watching Houston’s opening night on Wednesday was like watching the Pels last year for me.


Three of five starters were Pelican starters.

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