End of Year Notes

Are my detractors paying rent to live in my head? Hell to the no! Encumbered with frustrations like this I lost my Holiday Spirit; shut the front door. So, I need to read for a few minutes. I feel under stress. Hopefully, a few minutes of reading will relax my nerves.

Sitting at my desk in December to write in my DELERY GAZETTE has been a stretch. Here, below, is the “rough draft”-type of material that has been flowing off of my typewriter. I do not know how far into this you will be able to get. Possibly boring?… maybe. Anyway, this is what is on my desk so far for my next GAZETTE edition. Be aware, it is wholly, wholly not close to ready.

My prayer to the Lord!

Decemer ?, 2020 at 1548 hrs.

1548 hrs. >>Coffee?… for digestive tract. I will watch a few minutes of a movie. Then, hopefully I can clear out my intestines a bit. If you notice, coffee plays a big part of my day. While drinking my cup of coffee, I often receive ideas about how to proceed with my day.

December 19, 2020

0710 hrs.

Coffee! That is the word that came to my mind again. Go figure! So, I prepared a pot. That should toughen me up.

December 19, 2020

0719 hrs.

I am about to start baking a cake. Firstly, I have to find a bowl. Oops! 0938 hrs. >>I found some food in my fridge. I ate fish, burritos, veggies and rice. I am about to open my mail and read to prepare my metabolism for the adventures of the day. What am I looking forward to? Football!! It is too cold to cut the grass. I will wait for a warmer day. Whew! The words are coming more slowly than when I was younger. I am thinking presently that I will write down what games are coming on at what time.

0853 hrs.

Looks like I have to make another pot of coffee. I enjoyed that last cup very much. Also, I might drop several pairs of jeans in the washer. 1037 hrs. >> I ate some oatmeal, drank some coffee and am now preparing for football watching. The fatted calf.

December 23, 2020

1045 hrs>> Movie. Doris Day, Gordon McCrae about soldier and love. I truly need to write something into my GAZETTE. Then, eat.

December 26, 2020

CHRISTMAS IS OVER. It was a beautiful day. 1123 hrs. >>I am drinking my coffee. The Bucs are coming on at noon. I take my meds at 1319. I opened the bible to Psalm 139:14>>”I will praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Marvelous are your works. I know that full well.”

I will praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Marvelous are your works. And that my soul knows full well.

2338 hrs. Your works are wonderful And that my soul knows full well. I am about to heat up some gumbo. Finito the gumbo. My next meal might be a diet shake. I will slow down for a minute in order for my thoughts to catch up with my mind. This Onedrive cloud thing is messing me up right now.

December 27, 2020

0212 hrs. Order the book, order the ink. What I find dumb (particularly ref:to N.O. SAINTS coach Sean Payton) is going for 2 pts. too early in the game. It does not make sense to me. Moving on, how is my Sunday planned? Football early.

December 28, 2020

1308 hrs. I am on a mission this afternoon, and I am studying some of the particulars.

1335 hrs. I printed up page 1. Now, I have to move my coffee out of the kitchen to my desk. Oh, to get back to my Sunday: steak, gumbo, happiness. I told my daughter, “Gracias, hija”!!… for inviting me over for my birthday.

1909 hrs. >>I am getting ready to watch some football. I feel the weather getting a little bit cooler. I will put on a hat, and put the heater on medium. I ate a meal with my stomach now cramping up a little bit. I am feeling stress. I am contemplating here on lying down for a brief moment. >>>What happened to the Mardi Gras story?

December 29, 2020

0017 hrs.

I am trying to find some good TV to watch. I need to relax for a few minutes. Also, I want to see when the N.O. PELICANS play next. They are currently 2-1.

0726 hrs.>> Alright! I am doing my coffee right now. I will find the Frederick Douglas book and read for a little while. Also, I want to check the news on the Internet. I do not do cable news too much these days because I am sick of the attention paid to loser Donald Trump. He lost the election. I remember the great Green Bay Super Bowl victories from the old days. I cannot tell you who the losing teams were. Oh, by the way, I will look in the fridge and scrape up breakfast.

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