Joe at the White House

I flipped to watch LET’S MAKE A DEAL and caught Joe Biden and Jill walking into their home… the #WhiteHouse. Hallelujah and praise God!! I had been avoiding inauguration news day, and got “tricked” into seeing the most beautiful sight my eyes could behold: yes, President Joe Biden entering the White House.

President Biden is seen walking into the White House.

WakanTankan spoke to me while I was still in the #womb in the ambiotic fluid. I have little or no Native Indian blood in me. However, Wakan Tankan said, “If you have faith as a grain of mustard seed, nothing shall be impossible unto you!” Did you know that a grain of mustard seed is the smallest seed ever. “Wakan Takan, I am full of fear re: taking on such a dangerous mission as what You asked,” I replied. “By the way, what is my mission again”?

What I told Wakan Tankan was…

I present here my writings and thoughts from my desk on inauguration day and the day after.

January 20, 2021

0428 hrs. There are 2 NBA games of interest for me tonight; Philly and Phoenix. I may fall asleep until after the inauguration solving my worries about seeing violence from the deplorable insurrectionists. Meanwhile, I will watch other TV. I am watching the THROUGH THE DECADES channel presently. >>I fell asleep watching TV, and woke up to see a tweet of Donald Trump climbing in a helicopter to fly away. Hallelujah!!

1300 hrs. Trump is gone. I fell asleep watching TV, and woke up to see a tweet of Trump leaving the White House in a helicopter… for good. HALLELUJAH!!!

President Joe Biden and Jill at Inauguration.

1455 hrs. >>I flipped to see LET’S MAKE A DEAL, and caught the live film of Joe and Jill Biden entering the White House as their new home. Good gracious..

January 21, 2021

A Note from yesterday: Two planes circled the skies near Mar-a-Lago on Sunday, each pulling behind it a banner with rather uncongenial greetings. TRUMP WORST PRESIDENT EVER,” read one banner; the other reading, “TRUMP YOU PATHETIC LOSER GO BACK TO MOSCOW.”

0048 hrs. I am watching the replay of the James Cordan Show. Just ate, and happy about the new administration. I am ready for some TV.

0441 hrs. I wake up on the day after the inauguration, and feel so excellent. There is no crazy man at the switch. 0603 hrs. >>I figured out how to move some pictures because my phone is overloaded. One option: Save them originally to “saved emails” folder, and then to an external disc. Walgreens might carry the charger wire that I need for faster transfers.

Picture of the ex.

Below is pictured my favorite blacklight poster when I was in college. I hung it up in my dormitory rooms and my first few apartments.

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