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Drowned Walking on Water

NEW ORLEANS (Gazette) — I’ve never tried the below miracle. However, I have NO COMMENT presently!! This article also says that at another time a Nigerian “Prophet” donned a red robe and entered a den full of lions (similarly to … Continue reading

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View this post on Instagram Performing my morning praises. There is Power on Praise. The last few days, the power in my time during my praising and singing is great. Look at King David's history. I am being likewise blessed … Continue reading

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Abraham Lincoln’s Bible

Ferdie Werdie I just thought about this. Do you have a bible that people can say, so-and-so’s bible? It’s important. Lincoln had a bible. MLK had a bible. FERD HAS A BIBLE! In fact, of course, I have several bibles. … Continue reading

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My Cousin’s Teaching on Homosexuality

Ferdie Werdie What are the true words of the bible on what God says about homosexuality? My cousin’s husband, Paul Trudeau, recently wrote beautifully on the misrepresentations that people make from the bible to justify hatred to homosexuals. Here is my … Continue reading

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