Jean Lafitte, my ancestor

I am going to soon elucidate further the Jean Lafitte connections that I am discovering in my background. Most of what I have gleaned over and saved is only circumstantial evidence which puts things in the category that: I lean toward believing that I do have Pirates of the Caribbean blood. When I get back into my search you will see some of the documents that I mentioned when I introduced you to the fact that I descended from Jean Lafitte. There are some of my readers who want me to provide my sources for my claim that I am a descendant of the Caribbean Pirate, Jean Lafitte.

I am presently collecting these sources, and filing them into a neat package. Once I have the paperwork closer to what I feel is presentable, I will make that info public for you to see. Meanwhile, what I have gives me a clear road to very conclusive dates and circumstances. These “black-and-white” documents satisfy me enough that I know that I am a Pirate of the Caribbean one way or the other anyway.

THERE WILL BE BLOOD! I mean, there IS Pirates of the Caribbean blood flowing through my veins.

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