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I Tweeted @LoloJones

I did not know until I already did “it” that we are supposed to save ourselves for marriage. Ferdie Werdie On Twitter, I clicked to see what is on #MeganRaster and #LoloJones.!/search/realtime/%23MeganRaster Plus, I finally tweeted something to rising … Continue reading

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Will Smith Slaps Journalist

Ferdie Werdie I just saw this picture online and it reminded me of what Will Smith did to the reporter this week who tried to kiss him on the mouth. Will Smith showed how “for real” he truly is. I … Continue reading

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New Orleans Saints Stand Up

A quote from the New Orleans Saints is in this picture: I think that the New Orleans Saints will be hot under the collar this season after all of the penalties that the commissioner laid on them. I do not … Continue reading

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Blood Thirsty

Here is more. I dedicated this to my Mother’s Day thoughts. My brother, Carl in New Jersey, and I were reflecting that day on loved ones (past and present) and what they truly mean to us. The time got late, and my … Continue reading

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Dalai Lama and Patience

Dalai Lama‏@DalaiLama Patience guards us against losing our presence of mind so we can remain undisturbed, even when the situation is really difficult.                                                      ********** This is the latest tweet from the Dalai Lama. Later on, I plan to write … Continue reading

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Happy Mother’s Day!

Sometimes commom sense is not so common. Just using your head should help the situation. Ferdie Delery I saw the cover of this week’s Time Magazine earlier today and went into SMH mode. I know probably most of ya’ll saw the … Continue reading

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Obama Gave the Order

“Mission Accomplished” is what should have been the banner on the aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson which was the final resting place of Osama Bin Laden. With the 1-year anniversary of Osama Bin Laden’s death having just passed, it is important for … Continue reading

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From the Great Beyond

Reading the Dalai Lama’s latest tweet is a great way to start off my week. The words of the Dalai Lama should kick off my week fine. You have to decide for youself if the Dalai’s words have spiritual resonance. Dalai … Continue reading

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Missed My Whole Saturday.

Ferdie Delery I was supposed to go off to watch the Mayweather fight w/friends, but I fell asleep waiting on the Kentucky Derby to start. Slept thru everything. I will not say anything dumb, but I have to see that … Continue reading

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More Saints Punishments

Ferdie‏@ferdiewerdie The funny thing about the appeals process for the #Saints is that the commish also decides the outcome of the appeals. Is this retarded or what? I am so ready for Commissioner Roger Goodell to retire. Wouldn’t it be … Continue reading

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