Below, I said I would not tweet it b/c he’s such a spiritual nephew. I thought that I did not want to put it on Twitter for the whole universe to see; but (in a brief moment of spiritual weakness), this is what I just broke down and tweeted:


To my #loving nephew Wayne D. Gusman Jr. >>You have 1 week to get ur raggedy-a$$ bike out of my mama’s house.  see: the Delery Gazette  for latest.  Plus, #GodBless you.

Click here to see the actual tweet live!

Earlier, I also posted the same on F/B to him, one of my favorite nephews:

Ferdie Werdie:
15 hours ago near New Orleans ·
To my loving nephew Wayne D. Gusman Jr. >>You have one week to get ur f*#king, raggedy-a$$ bike out of my mama’s house. In one week, my sledge hammer and I will bust that piece of sh&t into 1 million pieces. THERE WILL BE BLOOD! God bless! I love ya’!

Todd Delery: Daym!!!!
13 hours ago via mobile ·

Ferdie Werdie: I will rip his cheeky-a$$ kahoonas off for thinking my mama’s house is his storage shade.
13 hours ago ·

Lawrence L. Dupré: that’t how we do it, good job.


  • Ferdie:
  • Ferdie Werdie: Lawrence, thank you cousin, that’s the kind of blood that courses thru our veins (you and me). THEY DON’T KNOW! I will turn into SEAL TEAM SIX on their monkey a$$ when it comes to my mama’s well-being ..especially now in her senior and twilight years. They all better back up ..and wise up. Give my mama a break!!
  • Ferdie Werdie: here’s the Latest. I have not tweeted on Twitter my BLOOD notice yet for the whole universe to see. I am getting a little bit tired w/headache, and might not even post this OFFICIAL NOTICE on Twitter. (Correction: As seen above, the good Lord slipped up a little bit and allowed a weak moment to attack me in which I gave in and did unadvisedly Tweet the NOTICE for the whole universe to see). Anyway, I am slowing down now needing something to eat. I plan to watch the Miami v. Boston game at 7 pm (Central time). The Hornets game tonight is not covered on TV, and I thought about breaking my TV into a million little pieces. However, that would hurt no one but myself. Why in the h#ll are they not broadcasting tonight’s Hornets game? Wait ’til I get my hands on them.

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