Four score and seven years…

Four score and seven years ago our forefathers paved a concrete path to the future cured with their blood for our freedom. However, they did not plan for us to sit in front of the TV and watch hour after hour of the NFL Draft.

Day 1. The 1st Round of the NFL draft is over. That was a lot of bull-shiite to listen to in one day. The 7-hour pre-draft Special show was very reduntant to me b/c the network was running that same talking-heads crap for the last 6 weeks. I turned the 7-hour pre-draft Special off 2 seconds into the show. Be for real! 7 hours of that yak-yak? UPDATE: I went online on Saturday night, looked up the Saints’ draft picks, and that was a wrap. It took me 1 minute to find out what I needed about the draft. Months-and-months, weeks-and-weeks of talking-heads yakking about what it took me 1 minute to find out.

Saturday Morning. Today, I have to get out of the house in order to get away from all of this draft yak-yak. It’s fun, but it can eat your brain up if you don’t get away from it for a while. I’m not complaining. The 24-7 NFL news cycle is great compared to what we had in the past. Actually, we can pick out the time schedule that we like. We can listen to what we need at any time. No one is telling us that we have to sit in front of the TV like a zombie and watch every second of every minute of NFL news and NFL draft coverage.

Plus, the Saints did not get but 5 minutes to make one pick at the end of hour upon hour of listening to everyone else. Some fans of other teams might say that it is the Saints’ own fault that they were granted only five minutes and one pick after hours and hours of glorifying and halleluiaing the other 31 teams. The Saints’ fault is that they talked and put money on what all NFL teams do on the field defensively ..minus the on-purpose injuries, hopefully.  In fact, the Saints had less defensive penalties on the field than many teams.

So, their actions on the field was not the crime. The verbalization and the money stuff is the web that the team weaved. Glory and halleluia to all of the other 31 teams? Phooey to the down-trodden Saints? Not so, partner. The Saints will still field a bodacious, bad-a$$ team on the gridiron every week in 2012, my friends. Let the games begin!

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