Missed My Whole Saturday.

Ferdie Delery

I was supposed to go off to watch the Mayweather fight w/friends, but I fell asleep waiting on the Kentucky Derby to start. Slept thru everything. I will not say anything dumb, but I have to see that fight for myself before I give a comment.


‎.@FloydMayweather defeats @RealMiguelCotto by unanimous decision. #MayweatherCotto

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A friend read what I said about falling asleep, missing the Derby and the fight. Below, she suggests that because I fell asleep in the afternoon I might be creeping into the senior citizen class. Actually, the Derby parties and the fight parties were already lined up and ready to kick off (just waiting on me). I left one Derby party (with mucho cajun and creole food) in order to place my bet. I stopped home for a minute, after laying down bet, to watch some of the pre-race show. I guess some of that good creole food from the afternoon lulled me to never-never land. Thus, my friend had some ammo to tease me with.

 Carolyn Demery A sign of old age. Hmmm

  • OK, ya’ll! I let her off the hook with the age joke. This is how I responded.
  •  Ferdie Delery I fell asleep watching the pre-Kentucky Derby stuff (my horse finished 2nd); and I woke up in the 7th round of the fight. I followed people’s tweets for the fight. How was that big-ol’ fish? I saw the pics ..looked like u did some good cooking.

  •  Carolyn Demery It was awsome as always very good,

  •  Ferdie Delery I saw the pics. I was supposed to eat good today too, but I slept thru it. Several relatives were doing fight parties. I missed it all.

  • Carolyn Demery Like I said old age. Hmmm

  •  Ferdie Delery lol ..yeah, I know. All that good food going around today; now, I’m about to fix a peanut butter and jelly sandwich b/c I missed it all. How sad! Next thing you know, I’ll be needing a rocking chair 🙂

  •  Carolyn Demery Oh I thought you already had one. Hmmm                              *************************************************************

  • So, ya’ll see how my “friends” treat me. With friends like that, who needs enemies. 🙂 Anyway, tonight (Sunday) I am doing better. The Knicks won earlier, and I am enjoying a relaxing Sunday evening. Oh, I almost forgot, the comedy awards are coming on tonight. I am going to take a break now to see if the show started yet. God bless, ya’ll! See ya’ later!!

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