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Four score and seven years…

Four score and seven years ago our forefathers paved a concrete path.

The 1st Round of the NFL draft is over. That was a lot of bull-shiite to listen to in one day. The 7-hour pre show was very reduntant to me b/c the network was running that same talking-heads crap for the last 6 weekis.


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Belly Fat!

In our battles with belly fat we hear a myriad of suggestions. This morning I read this one from WebMD. I hope that it helps you too. Most scientific evidence suggests that a calorie-controlled diet rich in fruits, vegetables, whole … Continue reading

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Below, I said I would not tweet it b/c he’s such a spiritual nephew. I thought that I did not want to put it on Twitter for the whole universe to see; but (in a brief moment of spiritual weakness), this is what … Continue reading

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Jean Lafitte, my ancestor

I am going to soon elucidate further the Jean Lafitte connections that I am discovering in my background. Most of what I have gleaned over and saved is only circumstantial evidence which puts things in the category that: I lean toward believing that … Continue reading

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Controversial Video from Sweden

Viral video! This is from a story that caused worldwide outrage. At a ceremony on Saturday, the Swedish Minister of Culture presented her Nigger Cake for consumption. or …Read the Unbelievable Story Here.

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