From the Great Beyond

Reading the Dalai Lama’s latest tweet is a great way to start off my week. The words of the Dalai Lama should kick off my week fine. You have to decide for youself if the Dalai’s words have spiritual resonance.

Dalai LamaDalai Lama@DalaiLama >>Once you realize that compassion is useful, that it is something really worthwhile, you immediately develop a willingness to cultivate it.

I will read his words several times today. Otherwise (as always), I still have the words of the Lord calling out to me and leading me today and every day.

And (how I closed my Sunday night) …I watched comedian Don Rickles win the Lifetime Achievement award last night at the 2nd annual Comedy Awards in Hollywood. I watched the presentations which were broadcast on the Comedy Channel. At the end of his acceptance speech, Rickles shed tears as many people in the auditorium fought with their own emotions and tears. His speech was so touching and magnanimous even though he did lay out zingers on some of the biggest names in the crowd and in the great beyond. Actor Robert DeNiro was one of the presenters who introduced Rickles.

Rickles was very gracious toward the memories of the likes of Johnny Carson (the namesake of the award), Frank Sinatra, Bob Hope, etc. He broke down into tears as he began reaching the close of his remarks. Yes, tears trickled down from my eyes too because we  are not used to seeing Don Rickles in such a truly emotional and gripping state. He gave a wonderful, fine acceptance speech.

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