Happy Mother’s Day!

Sometimes commom sense is not so common. Just using your head should help the situation.

Ferdie Delery

I saw the cover of this week’s Time Magazine earlier today and went into SMH mode. I know probably most of ya’ll saw the cover already. I think this boy is too old to still breast feed. One-year-old should be the cut off point in my opinion. I question this mom’s thought processes here. Where is the pa’s brain? Where is the Pa?

By the way, SMH mode is shake my head mode. Also, I wish all mothers a Happy Mother’s Day. Around the world it is these ladies who are the true saints and heroes. It is mothers who are with the children most of the time; and who prepare all of the little monsters to become the leaders of the world in the future. I ask the Lord to bless all mothers now. God, I ask you to provide them with all of the tools and goodies necessary to bring the children up.

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