Will Smith Slaps Journalist

Ferdie Werdie

I just saw this picture online and it reminded me of what Will Smith did to the reporter this week who tried to kiss him on the mouth. Will Smith showed how “for real” he truly is. I have an increased admiration for Will Smith now. Sometimes we do not really know how much “heart” many of the Hollywood celebrities really have. Even though I must mention that celebrities have to be very careful when they put their hands on people in the public. There are too many people in the public who are just waiting to file frivilous law suits against celebrities. I saw the interview last week with Michael Jackson’s mother where she said that one of the young men whose parents sued Michael Jackson has now admitted that his parents forced him to say that Jackson had touched him inappropriately. People in the limelight have to always be aware that they can be sued maliciously just because they have a fortune of dollars at stake.

It is not always wise to let your emotions get to you because a lot of people out here in the public would use Smith’s reaction as a great excuse to sue him for a lot of money. Too many celebrities have to worry about frivilous lawsuits being brought against them. This may also fit under one of the categories of assault and battery in which case a plaintiff might have some grounds to actually stand on in a law suit.

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