New Orleans Saints Stand Up

A quote from the New Orleans Saints is in this picture:

New Orleans Saints.

I think that the New Orleans Saints will be hot under the collar this season after all of the penalties that the commissioner laid on them. I do not think that you really want to wake up a sleeping dog. On second thought, that is OK if you want to act stupid and mess with the Saints. That is just fine with me. The WHO DAT nation is truly not a group to be played with. We were busy minding our own business, breaking people up and tearing people’s heads off. That is all we were doing. Then, you rudely want to come along and mess with us. That’s okay! “Fight, team, fight! Fight, team, fight! Geaux, Saints,” is what we say. I do not think that the Saints are going to lie down and play dead. In fact, I heard that Jonathan Vilma, one of the penalized players, has sued commissioner Roger Goodell.  I understand that Goodell had to lay down some punishments against the Saints, but it was not called for for him to try to tear the team down to the bottom of the barrell. You can penalize someone, but do not try to rip their soul out of them.

Now, forward to October, 2013:

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