Turn Ons for Women

Ferdie Werdie

Ferdie Werdie

LOL …hahaha. The WebMD article that I linked below says that one top thing that turns on a woman is for her man to wash the dishes. 🙂 I would not have been given the chance to create my daughters if that was the case. I would still be a virgin. It must have been something else that I was doing right. Of course, I have to wash dishes now out of necessity. The whole WebMD article is too funny. I must admit that the reason I’m probably washing my own dishes now is because I did not do enough of it for the gals when I was younger. Oh, of course you know that a woman probably wrote the WebMD piece ..to suggest such an outrageous thing. They are such sneaky little devils. haha

What Turns Women On: Surprising Things Women Like!


Think you know what women really like? Surprise! It’s not the roses on Valentine’s Day, says WebMD. WebMD gets the facts on what really turns women on in the article.

Hahaha …That’s two things that I don’t think women have seen me do too much of in the past anyway. Roses on Valentine’s Day?? I do not even believe in Valentine’s day. If it came down to washing dishes or a bunch of Valentine roses to turn on a woman, I would be up a tall tree without a paddle. Too funny!

Also, I recently posted what Lincoln’s original plan was early in the war Re: newly captured or run-away slaves: Lincoln’s Plan

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