Jumper Cables For The Mind

NEW ORLEANS (Gazette) — I truly had an emotional jolt recently when the New Orleans Saints lost which kicked my gray matter into another gear. That may or may not be exactly like the Jumper-Cables-type jolt talked about by scientists below.

I plan to study this phenomenon as soon as I finish watching the New Orleans Saints game. WHO DAT!!! Everyone needs a jolt to the cerebral matter once in a while! I had a jolt to my brain several weeks ago when the referees cheated the Saints out of the victory against the mucho hated New England Patriots. I cannot remember crying over that loss, but I had to use my brain in every way that I could in order to dig myself out of that rut.

Speaking of the brain, are there signs that can forewarn us of impending Alzheimer’s risks to ourselves or our loved one?

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