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Jumper Cables For The Mind

NEW ORLEANS (Gazette) — I truly had an emotional jolt recently when the New Orleans Saints lost which kicked my gray matter into another gear. That may or may not be exactly like the Jumper-Cables-type jolt talked about by scientists … Continue reading

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Knock! Knock! #WhoDat?

Since our #WhoDatNation is in such a grand funk after Sunday’s loss, I have decided to put a little smile on your faces. I hope that you enjoy my #Cajun joke below. I am hurting badly too because the game … Continue reading

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Gunmen Still In Nairobi Mall

NEW ORLEANS (Gazette) — Reports were premature last night that the Westgate mall in Nairobi, Kenya, was secured. This morning, according to updated reports, gunmen are still holed up at the mall. Early this morning, two senior officials said several … Continue reading

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#RunningBack is anti- #GayMarriage

NEW ORLEANS (Gazette) — Mixing sports with politics (the gay-marriage issue & the coming-out issue) is once again in the news. Top NFL #runningback voices opposition. Vikings’ Adrian Peterson is probably the best r/b in the league. He has now … Continue reading

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Beating A Dead Horse Alive

Ferdie Werdie  Some personalities on the radio in Nawlins have been trying to ratchet down people’s emotions about NFL commish Roger Goodell. Everyone in town wants to personally  serve him a big bowl of “gumbo” or a lovely, delicious beverage when … Continue reading

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Saints Are Coming After Ye’!

Ferdie Werdie ‎10 more games left w/o our vaunted leader, coach Sean Payton. In history, these Bounty Gate suspensions by Roger Goodell of the NFL are a travesty of justice which will live in infamy. We are truly coming after … Continue reading

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Fire Roger Goodell after Lying

Ferdie Werdie #CommissionerGoodell‘s house of cards is finally tumbling as he recuses self from #BountyGate rulings, and asks former Commissioner #PaulTaglibue to step in. I think that Paul Tagliabue (after ruling on the players) should also reinstate Coach Sean Payton … Continue reading

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Roger Goodell, Please Retire!!

Ferdie Werdie Commish Roger Goodell is totally ruining the brand “NFL.” Firstly, he destroys a perfectly decent Saints team in New Orleans with over-the-top, unreal, lengthy penalties ..which dilutes the integrity of the whole NFL. Now, he is ruining a billion-$ … Continue reading

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Roger Goodell is a Son-of-a-B…

Ferdie Werdie I think that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is a son-of-a-btch. He has succeeded in tearing down and ruining a perfectly competitive team. This is not at all good for the league (more) http://wp.me/p1u4ud-6X Roger Goodell — SUCKKKKS!!! Roger … Continue reading

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